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Painting #2756

September 26, 2016

painting #2756

Fall Tour 2016: Day 13

September 25, 2016

We sleep in, late breakfast, pack up. We hop on I75 S to the Florida’s Turnpike, around Orlando, Rte 528 W to I95 S to Delray Beach FL. We arrive at Al’s parents’ house in time to go out for dinner. No gig tonight.

Painting #2755

September 25, 2016

painting #2755

Fall Tour 2016: Day 12

September 24, 2016

Jill makes French Toast for breakfast, late breakfast. We head over to Hal McGee’s ‘round 3pm for a late lunch, early dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant, back to his place for a cup of coffee then off to Jacksonville for Complete Confusion Fest Day 2.

20160924_falltour01Hal McGee and all his tapes

Here’s the set list –

  7:30 – Laghima
  7:45 – Ag Davis
  8:00 – Tyler Grimmel
  8:15 – Hell Garbage
  8:30 – Ironing
  9:00 – Fivers Stereo
  9:15 – Vasectomy Party
  9:30 – Virgin Flower
  9:45 – Negative Graves
10:00 – Novasak
10:15 – Golden Retriever
10:30 – Human Fluid Rot
10:45 – Propan
11:00 – Elka Bong
11:15 – Cave Moth

20160924_falltour02Rain Dogs

20160924_falltour03Complete Confusion Fest

20160924_falltour06Ironing aka Andrew Chadwick

20160924_falltour07The Goldfish

20160924_falltour08Golden Retriever


We arrive at the venue, Rain Dogs, have beer, tour around the block and a half arts district. There are 15 acts, we won’t be loading in until 10pm, so time to enjoy the show, variety, from hardcore noise to dance music. Sets I enjoyed included Alex Chadwick’s DJ set, Ironing, RRRon would have liked this one; the Goldfish was great, I didn’t get his name; Golden Retriever; Propan; and Elka Bong, no video given limited space and setup time. Classic noise show, altogether fun!

Recording of our set here.

We pack up, load out ‘round 1am, drive back to Jill’s, in bed at 2:30am, long day!

Painting #2754

September 24, 2016

painting #2754

Fall Tour 2016: Day 11

September 23, 2016

Up early, well sort of, shower, coffee, on the road by 10:30am. Backtrack on I26 W to I95 S to Jacksonville, then I10 W to Rte 301 to Gainesville. It’s 90+ and muggy, very Florida, late afternoon, we arrive at Jill Burton’s, get settled then walk a couple of blocks to an Asian restaurant on a small lake. We sit by a window overlooking the water, no ‘gators but a heron-like bird, possibly an Anhinga, is fishing. After dinner, back to Jill’s then on to the venue, “Superfun,” downtown Gainesville. Not air-conditioned but open to the outside, our host Andrew Chadwick opens a tab at the pub next door, we sit outside at a picnic table drinking our beer. Guess who shows up, Hal McGee 8^)))


Tonight’s lineup –

Frog – video
Propan: [Oslo Norway]
Natali Abrahamsen Garner & Ina Sagstuen – voice, electronics
Golden Retriever: [Oslo Norway]
Morten Minothi Kristiansen – guitar, electronics, laptop, video
Brage Tormaenen – drums, electronics
Elka Bong
Jill Burton – solo voice [Gainesville FL]
SunMoonStar – solo electronica

20160923_falltour04Jill’s backyard

20160923_falltour09Superfun, Gainesville FL


20160923_falltour11Hal and Al


20160923_falltour15Propan, Olso Norway

20160923_falltour17Golden Retriever, Oslo Norway

20160923_falltour18Jill Burton, Gainesville FL

20160923_falltour19SunMoonStar, Gainesville FL

Hal has been here for 25 yrs, he no longer produces shows but the “noise scene” is well established. Frog opens with a video promo for the evening followed by some video poetry, well done! Propan, Natali and Ina from Norway are up next, vocal gymnasts, augmented with minimal electronics, they produce some striking sounds, rhythms. I enjoy the set, a lot. On their heels, Golden Retriever, Morten on guitar, laptop and video, Brage on drums and electronics, also from Norway. Our set next, we’re loosening up, a little louder, a little tighter, a little more fluid. I’m still not getting the full-range of sound but I’m finding some interesting contrasts and some matches for Al’s sounds. We are developing as a duo. Back to vocals, Jill’s set is outstanding, I enjoy her passive-aggressive approach coupled with her sense of humor. The final set by SunMoonStar, a DJ set, is subtle, unpretentious, outstanding. Her breaks remind me of Andrea Parkins, no not that one, the English DJ.

Recording of our set here, and a video as well, thanks Andrew 8^)))

Hal left early, before our set, Andrew, Jill, Al and I hang out for awhile then head back to Jill’s. We pick up some beer at the 7-Eleven and chat ’til 1am in Jill’s hideaway.

Painting #2753

September 23, 2016

painting #2753

Fall Tour 2016: Day 10

September 22, 2016

I sleep ’til 10am, whoa, we check out, breakfast at Cracker Barrel then onto Rte 40 E to I95 S to I26 E to Goose Creek. We drive to our host, Nathan Petro’s house. Nathan is still at work, we hang out in the backyard, visit the turtles.


20160922_falltour03Nathan’s backyard

Nathan arrives, dinner then off to the Tua Linga, Nathan’s art space in N Charleston. Tonights lineup –

a noise guy
a noise guy
Elka Bong

20160922_falltour05Tua Lingua, N Charleston, Georgia

20160922_falltour09Our setup

20160922_falltour10Noise guy 1

20160922_falltour11Noise guy 2


Noise guy 1, hardcore using mic into his amp that is contact miced and feeds back into the mixer. Noise guy 2 is leaning towards electronica, there are beats. Electronica guy is all beats. All three are young, they play enthusiastically. We’re up, same setup as the past 2 nights, this time I project into a corner of the room, getting used to the setup, to the AVSynth, I’m able to access a greater variety of sounds, as a result another good set!

Al remembers to hit record, our set is here.

The set list mirrors the audience which include mostly young people, looking for something new, different, and a few older people who have been doing this for some time. Nathan’s space is community art space, something like 119 Gallery, a place for artists to gather, share their work and see new work. After our set another question and answer period, several people interested in the AVSynth. We pack up, hang out with Nathan, talk about art, advocacy, funding, the whole DIY scene. After everyone clears out, load out, back to Nathan’s for the night.

Painting #2752

September 22, 2016

painting #2752

Fall Tour 2016: Day 9

September 21, 2016

Up relatively early, Tommy makes us breakfast, hit the road around 10am, I64 E to I95 S to I85 S. It rains off and on, we arrive in Chapel Hill to discover that NC has no gas, or almost no gas. After some research we find an active station, fill up. Bryce takes us out for BBQ, we stop by his house on Bynum Hill next door to folk artist Cyrus Jones.



20160921_falltour07Cyrus Jones, folk artist, Bynum Hill NC

Back to venue, load in, set up, here’s the line up –

Spool Ensemble:
Michael Thomas Jackson – clarinet
Aaron Matthew Bachelder – amplified drums
Karl Raymar – electronics, strobe lights, fog machine
Elka Bong

20160921_falltour20Night Light, Chapel Hill NC

20160921_falltour21Al and Bryce

20160921_falltour27Yep, that’s us!

20160921_falltour29Spool Ensemble

20160921_falltour30Karl Raymar

Same setup as last night, stage right, projecting across to the left wall, tonight we have ‘amplification.” Getting more sounds out of the AVSynth and the video is improving, the audience, all be it small, is enthused. So, on-the-road, gig after gig with the AVSynth, I’m beginning to understand its strengths and weaknesses, learning what works and what doesn’t. There will be a video and I remember to hit record.

The sound file is here.

I have too much equipment, takes 30min to pack up, then off to the hotel Bryce has booked for us, his house is full of animals, real animals including a sick chicken. Work on the computer ’til 1am, crash.