Fall Tour 2016: Day 19

Up early, another long drive up I65 N to I71 N to Columbus OH. We say goodbye to Chris, Emily, Dinky and Roscoe, catch the interstate, after we clear the city we stop for breakfast. We head north past Louisville, past Cincinnati, arrive in Columbus mid-afternoon.

20161002_falltour01Chris and Emily’s house

20161002_falltour02On the road again

Al ‘gpses’ us to Jeff Chenault’s house. We backtrack with Jeff, to ‘It Looks Like It’s Open,’ our venue, meet Alison Colman our host, load in, set up, then walk across the street to Lavash for some good Mediterranean food!

Tonite’s line up –

Ann B Clorox – poetry, electronics
T & T – solo guitar, vocals
Elka Bong

20161002_falltour05It Looks Like It’s Open, our venue

20161002_falltour03Ann B Klorox

20161002_falltour06T & T

20161002_falltour08Tiki land aka Jeff’s studio

Al records our set, it’s here.

Q&A after the set, Trademark Gunderson twiddles the nobs, another successful performance. We pack up, load out, head back to Jeff’s where we descend into Tiki land, his basement studio and Tiki bar. After a couple of beers, some exotic music, we’re off to bed.

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