Fall Tour 2016: Day 20

Sleep in ’til 9am, coffee, edit pics on my computer, off for lunch with Jeff and Deb. Short hop over to Pittsburgh, I70 E to I79 N to I376 E and through the tunnel to I279 N to Rte 28 across the 31st Street Bridge into Polish Hill. We see our first Uber self-driving taxi and, yes, there’s someone sitting in the driver’s seat. The Spaghetti Factory, our venue, is at 3449 1/2 Denny Street, there is no 3449 1/2 … but there is a 3’ wide tunnel between 3449 and 34451 … we venture down the tunnel to find Valerie Keuhne sitting on the patio in front of a hidden house. We load in, setup on the patio, Joey Molinaro appears.

20161003_falltour01The Spaghetti Factory

20161003_falltour04Our setup, on the patio

20161003_falltour05Al and Joey


Tonite’s lineup includes –

Elka Bong
Dwayne Rifle aka Joshua Tenenbaum – cassettes, assorted objects, contact mics, amps
Gunge Victim – performance, viscous substances, with dark sound and Acolytes
Valerie Keuhne – voice, cello, performance


20161003_falltour08My patch

20161003_falltour09Gunge and Acolytes

Our set is here.

For a change, we lead off, on the patio, projecting on vacant house behind us. A neighbor open her window and asks, “What is that noise?” Al replies and she says, “I just don’t understand it!” She shuts her window. Josh performs next, in the Spaghetti Factory basement, a very nimble set. Gunge is next, we follow him and the Acolytes into an abandon house next door, ritual flogging, dripping, candles, chants. Last but certainly not least Val, in a second abandon house, plays and sings. We breakdown, bring our equipment inside, crash ‘round midnight.

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