Fall Tour 2016: Day 21

We are up early, again, load out, back across the 31st Street Bridge, Rte 28 to I376 W to I79 S. We stop for breakfast once we clear the city, nice ride through the mountains, I68 E to I70 E to I270 E to DC. We arrive at Rhizome late afternoon, park the car, walk around the neighborhood, dinner at ‘Middle Eastern Cuisine.’ This is getting to be a habit 8^)))

20161004_falltour01The tunnel


20161004_falltour04Rhizome DC

20161004_falltour06Dinner, and beer

Tonite’s lineup is a dandy –

Cain Deluca Duo:
Patrick Cain – laptop, video
Jax Deluca – voice electronics
Elka Bong
John Krausbauer – voice, electronics, strobe lights

20161004_falltour07Our setup

20161004_falltour08Patrick, ??? and Al

20161004_falltour10Jax and Patrick

We return to the venue, check in with Layne Garrett and Patrick Cain, load in, set up. Michael Galleli materializes, we hang out, chat. Pat and Jax open with a great set, Patrick using a Signal Culture App for the video. We’re next. It ’s supposed to be a quiet set, it isn’t, the AVSynth has a mind of it’s own. John closes out.

Again Al’s on the ball, our set is here.

We hang for a while after the show, eventually pack up, load out, follow Patrick to his house, by midnight we’re in bed.

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