Fall microTour: Day 1

Up early, pack up the AVSynth, video monitor, PA, and computer, too much stuff !!! Anyway here’s the block diagram –


Off to Enterprise to pick up my rent-a-car, a Ford Focus, damn the trunk is the size of a handbag, I remove the cover so I can stand the AVSynth and speakers upright. Still my gear takes up 80% of the space.

Oh well, I hit the road at 1:30pm – I495 to I290 the Worcester shortcut to I90, rest stop, then I84 south through Connecticut and west to New York, over the Hudson River, then north on I87 to New Paltz NY. I arrive around 6pm at My House in the Bush of Ghosts. I’m early, no one home, and it’s cold.

I park the car, walk to the P&G for dinner.

20161207_elkabong01Selfie at the bar

20161207_elkabong02Klonopin, Elka Bong, Aspect & Andrea, Vinnie Paternostro & myself

20161207_elkabong04All ready, already patched

When I get back to the house Matt Luczak and Vinnie Paternostro are there. We hang out in the kitchen, people start arriving. Elka Bong is playing next to last, three groups before us, so I load into the bedroom, which functions as backstage and green room. I patch up the AVSynth, leave the rest of the setup until we play.I will regret this decision later!

20161207_elkabong05Andrea, and audience

Andrea Pensado and the Italians arrive around 7:30pm. The Italians begin to set up, Al arrives, Andrea sets up, she kicks off the show, finally, around 9:00pm. A new set, amazing! It has some very quiet sections and, it’s Andrea, some very loud sections. We all enjoy the set, vigorous applause.

Aspec(t) The Italians are still setting up, It’s 10:00pm before they start. Worth the wait, a surprising duo featuring a shell of an old Revox tape recorder as an instrument and a collection of electronics played through a speaker suspended inches above a floor tom and fed back through a contact mic taped to the drumhead. Again vigorous applause.

Klonopin are next, college kids, explains the audience. Classic noise duo, keyboards,pedals and attitude, a solid set.

Elka Bong up next, its already 11:30pm, I move the gear to the living room. The AVSynth comes up immediately, but when I plug in the projector, the signal on my monitor goes away, nada! Al is ready to go. I should have checked this out, no time to trouble shoot, no monitor. We play a good set, not the best, I’m distracted by having to look up across the room to see the video. However, first set of the tour, no one seems to notice, whew!

20161207_elkabong06Vinnie Paternostro

20161207_elkabong07Matt Luczak

Matt and Vinnie are last, we move our gear back into the bedroom. Matt sets up his drums and Vinnie his sax and Moog Mother32. They play a great set, sax and drums with electronics back.

It’s late, we hang briefly then pack up, load out. Off to Al’s house, back down I87 to I84 to Rte 17, no traffic, a quick trip through the backwoods to Chester NY. We’re in bed by 1:30am.

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