Fall microTour: Day 2

Up at the crack of dawn, or shortly thereafter. Bacon and eggs with Al and Deb. We reorganize the ‘handbag’ trunk, manage to stuff Al’s amps into a corner, back down Rte 17 to I87 N to Canada.

20161208_elkabong02High Peaks North Rest Stop, Plattsburg NY, note moose weather vane

20161208_elkabong01A high peak

20161208_elkabong03Goodbye USA

No problems at the border, Rte 15 to 132, across the Jacque Cartier Bridge, twice. We pick up Emilie Mouchous in Hochelaga, a district in East Montreal. No time to waste, back on the road Rte 40 to 417 to Ottawa, then back across the river to DAiMON, a media arts center, in Gatineau. We meet the Director, Raphael Neron-Baribeau, and the Technical Director, Michael Caffrey. We unload into a very nice studio space, high ceilings.

20161208_elkabong05The venue

20161208_elkabong11Emilie and Michael

20161208_elkabong07Emilie’s hand-built synth

20161208_elkabong12Raphael, Linsey, Laura and Ian

Up first are Emilie and Michael, electronics. Emilie plays her own hand-built synth, a very good set with plenty of interaction, playful and full of energy.

Instant Places, Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh, electronics, objects and voice; with Linsey Wellman, saxophone. Linsey’s sax floating over, and under, an expansive, layered, electronic drone. Their sound is large, filling the space, ebbs and flows.

Elka Bong up next, a new connector, the monitor works! A better set, I’m still learning the system, the three contact mics allow more touch-control, one is used to control video gain on the MVIP as well as Bounce on the Swoops, the other two control the Fourses, here’s the patch –


Fire Queen: Aymara Alvarado Sanchez, vocals, saxophone; Jordan David and Piere-Luc Clement, keyboard synths and electronics, close out the evening with ’80’s electronica.

There’s a diverse audience of about 50 people, they stay until the end, we pack up, then hang out and chat. After everyone clears out, Al and I head out with Raphael to his house, one last beer, a brief political discussion, off to bed.


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