Fall microTour: Day 3

20161209_elkabong01Outside Raphael’s

20161209_elkabong02DAiMON Center for Media Arts

Up early, it’s -9 degrees Celsius, off to Cafe Cognac to meet Simon and Emilie for breakfast. Raphael leaves to open the Center, we walk to Fairfield Electronics, then back to DAiMON. Emilie, Al and I say goodbye to Raphael and Michael, load out, head back across the Ottawa River, thru the concrete jungle of downtown Ottawa to 417 S to Rte 40 to Montreal.

20161209_elkabong06The venue, Brasserie Beaubien

20161209_elkabong09That’s Emilie in the middle

20161209_elkabong12Ensemble Habitant

20161209_elkabong18Ensemble Habitant

Traffic, as usual, on Rte 40 is congested, we hop off on Boul St-Laurent, stop briefly at an artists’ workspace, continue on to Rue Beaubien, park across from the venue. We are a little early so we go for coffee at Cafe’ Odessa.

We’re drinking our coffee, in walks Craig Pederson. Two, three years ago Craig relocated from Ottawa to Montreal, from IMOO (Improvising Musicians Of Ottawa) to the Montreal scene. We chat for a bit, then load in to the venue, and set up. Alex Pelchat and Matt Lee and, one by one, the rest of ensemble arrive –

Ensemble Habitant: Performance d’une partition graphique de Matt Robidoux
Preston Beebe – percussion
David Dugas-Dion – banjo with spring, suona
Geneviève Gauthier – alto sax
James Goddard – alto sax
Matt Lee – guitare ‘Snoopy’
Eric Lewis – trompette
Al Margolis – clarinet, violin
Emilie Mouchous – hand-built synth
Craig Pedersen – trompette
Alex Pelchat – guitare, conductor / timekeeper

Up first Ensemble Habitant, skilled improvisers, they bring a lot of energy and imagination to the graphic score, Alex runs a ‘tight ship’, the sections flow seamlessly, each section has a distinct sound reflecting the pages of the ’score’.

Elka Bong next, everything is working, audio and video, a good set.

We pack up, load out, drive to Emilie’s. We load in, carrying the equipment up to the third floor, park the car, walk back to apartment, After warming up, it’s still below zero Celsius, we head out to buy beer and to Burrito Revolucion. We bring our burritos back to Emilie’s, sit around the table, eat and chat. A couple of Emilie’s friends trickle in, we rearrange the furniture and set up.

Elka Bong plays our first ’house show’ of the tour. House shows are the best. We had good audiences in New Paltz and Gatineau but the intimacy, the one on one of a house show, make them special. More relaxed, I get more out the AVSynth. Emilie takes over, her choices of sounds and images are different than mine, I’m picking up some valuable pointers 8^)))

After playing we hang out for an hour or so, talking with Emilie and her friends. We turn in around 1:30am.

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