Fall microTour: Day 4

Up early, well sorta’ early, pack up, breakfast at La Belle Place with Emilie. Stop in at Atomic Cafe’ on the way to retrieve the car, load out, off to Adam and Kate’s. Back over the Jacque Cartier Bridge, Rte 132 to 10 W to 35 S, it turns into I87 at the border. No problems at the border, waved through, back in the USA, we stop in Swanton VT to check our email and messages. On to I91 S to Rte 2 E to exit 14, to exit 15, again wrong exit, back to exit 13, the correct exit, we arrive at Adam and Kate’s house, we’re 5 minute late.

20161210_elkabong01Breakfast at La Belle Place

20161210_elkabong04Al and Emilie

20161210_elkabong06Back in the USA

We load in and set up, Kate has soup on, we relax for a bit.

Elka Bong(o) kicks it off, a reasonably good set, i have to work on this patch, here’s the recording –

track 01 you’re missing the video!

Shrymprov Round 1: Ada Kohl, Al, Andy Allan, FOAM, Kate Lee, Lauri Mc, Mia Friedman, Sandy Kohl play in random groups. I play slide whistle with Mia Friedman on banjo.

Ginger Cooky:
Mia Friedman – banjo, voice
Kate Lee – guitar, voice
Lauri Mc – uke, voice
Sandy Kohl – percussion because Ted Lee couldn’t make it

Shrymprov Round 2: Ada Kohl, Al, Andy Allan, FOAM, Kate Lee, Lauri Mc, Mia Friedman, Sandy Kohl play in random groups with random instruments! Ada and I play canning jar rings with Al on banjo. FOAM and Mia guitar(s) and pillow(s).

Crank ‘Fender Bender’ Sturgeon couldn’t make it either, everyone else is at MassMoCA. Nonetheless a great show. I like house shows, especially when the audience also gets to perform, it’s ‘Top Shrymp’ for sure! Al and I pack up, load out, back on Rte 2 to I91 S, to I84, to Al’s house for the night.

The tour is over, played 5 shows in 4 days, listened to 10 of 12 CDs in Pauline Oliveros’ boxed set, made it to Canada and back 8^)))

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