w2 recorded December 29, 2016


In my upgraded workspace. Xmas presents to left of the AVSynth include Raspberry Pi, USB keyboard & mouse, monitor. I hope to use the RPi for video playback, with speed and direction controls, and triggers and CV outs.


Audio only, the Swoop modules are cross-patched, each controls the other’s upper bound. In addition, they are touch-controlled using one Mikrophonie module, which controls the lower bounds. The two remaining Mikrophonie modules control the Fourses modules. upper bounds on the top oscillator and lower bounds on the bottom oscillator. The outputs of the second oscillators from the top go to the Denum module, which is controlled by the outputs of the Swoop modules. Audio outputs from the Swoops, Fourses and Denum modules are mixed externally using my Yamaha powered PA.

Three tracks, tracks 1 and 2 using (3) contact mics, (2) Swoops, (2) Fourses, and Denum. These two tracks positioned over track 3 amplified drums and percussion, mixed in Audacity.


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