Egregoros recorded December 30, 2016


Christos Koulendros – saz (or bag of llamas), sampler
Walter Wright – amplified drums, percussion

Open rehearsal at 114 Grand Street, last rehearsal of the year, back to the roots (sorta’).


Baglama Saz
Commonly known as the baglama, this is mid-sized, and the most common saz, and supplies the melody to both traditional and modern Turkish music. Think of how western music would be if the violin and the guitar were the same instrument, and you get the idea. It commonly has a scale of 26″ – 36″, with 35.6″ typical of a long-neck in A tuning and 27.4″ typical for a short-neck in D tuning.

A professional saz is made to order, and the scale is set to whatever the musician requires, according to the intended tuning of the first (highest) course which is in turn matched to the performer’s vocal range. Often this means a shorter neck, but the music is still written as if the top string were tuned to A, and such a saz is therefore a transposing instrument.

Standard long-neck A tuning:
G g – d d – A a a

Common variations (also A tunings):
E e – d d – A a a
F# f # – d d – A a a

Short-neck D tunings:
c c’ – g g – d d’ d’
A a – g g – d d’ d’
B b – g g – d d’ d’

more info here

track 01

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