AVSynth: Phase 3 continued

I’ve played with the two rack system, phase 3, since Summer 2016. Bulky, a lot to carry in and out the venue. I took it on tour with Elka Bong, ‘breaking it in.’ I used a single contact mic and Doepfer Ext In/Envelope Follower as my “touch-controller.” After the tour, I switched out the Doepfer module, replaced it with 3 Mikrophonie modules. Definitely, more control.

However, I still had the feeling that I wasn’t getting all the sounds from my PeterB modules, I had a bunch – (2) SWOOPs, (2) FOURSEs, (2) SPROTTs, and a DENUM. Additional Mikrophonie modules were an option, but they were unavailable, sold out.

Then I notice that PeterB’s Mr GRASSI module, available for Eurorack. I ordered one. When it arrived I installed it, turned on the power, and the system died. Turns out the red band on the power cable was on the opposite end of the connector. I had connected +12V to the -12V bus. I had blown a fuse. So much for “unkeyed” bus connectors!

Initially depressed, years of work and all that! The blown fuse, unmarked, was soldered into the power supply board, and the power supply, over 20 years old, was no longer available!

Were my modules OK?

I emailed Christos, he arrived an hour or so later with a 48hp powered case. My modules, including Mr GRASSI were OK. I assembled a microSynth, audio only, using – (1) Mr GRASSI, (1) SWOOP, (1) FOURSES, and (1) SPROTT.

20170130_avsynthmicroSynth, audio only

I patched up the microSynth, plugged into the PA. Instantly ‘blown away, where had all those sound been hiding? Sometimes a setback, instead, opens up new possibilities. I planned on replacing the rack, wondered about downsizing the system. So here it is, AVSynth Phase 4 in a single 104hp rack –

avsynthnew_104hpAVSynth Phase 4

Left to right – (1) 4ms Power Supply, (1) Jones’ Sync Stripper, (1) Ardcore, (1) multiple, (1) Mikrophonie, (1) Mr GRASSI, (3) multiples, (1) SWOOP, (1) FOURSES, (1) SPROTT, (1) Jones’ MVIP.


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