w2 recorded January 30, 2017

20170130_avsynthmicroSynth, audio only


As noted in the previous post, an unfortunate accident proves fortunate, a blown power supply forces me to go ‘micro.’ The two rack system is died, for the moment, but in it’s place the microSynth, audio only.

Despite, the paucity of modules, a cornucopia of sound(s)!

Mr Grassi’s outputs are patched into the SWOOP bounds inputs, FOURSES bounds inputs, and SPROTT control inputs. SWOOP outputs are patched into a FOURSES bounce input, and a SPROTT control input. The four FOURSES outputs are patched to the four SPROTT inputs. SPROTT bandpass out and chaos out go to the mixer.

I recorded two tracks, both with the same patch, mixed in Audacity.


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