Egregoros recorded March 28, 2017


Christos Koulendros – saz
Walter Wright – amplified drum kit

“It is sometimes referred to as the saz (from the Persian ساز‎, meaning an instrument), it is also sometimes referred to as the “cura”, although the term “saz” actually refers to a family of plucked string instruments, long-necked lutes used in Ottoman classical music, Turkish folk music, Iranian music, Azeri music, Kurdish music, Assyrian music, Armenian music, and in parts of Syria, Iraq and the Balkan countries. Instruments resembling today’s bağlama have been found in archaeological excavations of Sumerian and Hittite mounds in Anatolia dating before Common Era, and in ancient Greek works.”
~ Wikipedia

Getting ready for a gig at Chailey Mansion, coming up this weekend. We’ll be joined by Gregory Kowalski, live video, and Shereen Salem, movement.

track 01
track 02

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