Spring miniTour: Day 1

First day of the tour spent getting organized, working on my movie projector and getting organized. I decide to bring my amplified drumkit, to play with Bonnie, and the PeterB miniSynth, to play with Emilie Mouchous when we get to Montreal.

>amplified drumkit

PeterB miniSynth

Feed the plants, feed the birds, pick up the rent-a-car. Dinner with Mary Ann. After the traffic clears head out on I495 S to Rte 2 W to Turner’s Falls. I arrive early ‘round 7:30pm, unload. Bonnie and Scott arrive around 8pm, unload.

Brick House, Turner’s Falls MA



Still raining, it’s been raining all day. We’re waiting for Matt Robidoux, last to arrive and on first. He sets up two tables of stuff including – soda straws, sampler guitar, bells, mixer, and a computer. He’s hooked to an amp and a video projector, a performance piece using prerecording audio and video, orchestral!

Matt Robidoux

Next up Kriminsky, Stillman, Weisman & Weisman, not a legal firm. Eliot Krimsky, guitar; Robert Stillman – keys, vocals; Kurt and Chris Weisman, sax, flute and cello. Very nicely compositions, written and performed.

Kriminsky, Stillman, Weisman & Weisman

We’re up last, most of the audience still here, opening night for our tour, good set –

track 01
track 02

Lauri mc

We load out, drive to Bonnie and Scott’s in Holyoke, arrive about midnight, turn in. It’s still raining.

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