Spring miniTour: Day 2

Up late, Bonnie makes breakfast. Scott and I run errands, return the rent-a-car.

My bed

We head out late afternoon, Mass Pike to New York Thruway S to New Paltz. Still overcast, spitting rain intermittently, chilly and raw. We arrive at Matt’s at 7pm, load in, setup in the living room. It’s Matt’s apartment, a small apartment, 1/3 of an empty house that’s become the DIY focal point for New Paltz and the lower Hudson Valley. Audience starts arriving around 8pm. Al and Dan arrive around 8:30pm, Al sets up. We play first at 9pm.

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Bonnie and my drumkit

The room

Set list –

Kane Wright Duo:
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics
Walter Wright – amplified drumkit
Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, contact mics
Mike Sidnam – drone/noise [Brooklyn NY]
Martyr – power electronics/harsh noise [New Paltz NY]
MLitBoG Jam:
Bonnie Kane – sax
Matt Luczak & Walter Wright – drums

Al Margolis

Audience and Mike

Here’s our set(s) –


track 01
track 02

Turned in around 1am.

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