Spring miniTour: Day 3

We’re up reasonably early, coffee and more coffee. We load out, head out. North on I87 past Albany NY, up the eastern side of the Adirondacks, up the western side of Lake Champlain. We stop in Plattsburgh at Gus’ Diner for a late lunch.

Bonnie and Matt

Gus’ Diner

There’s a long, long line of cars waiting to enter Canada, a 30min wait. We are sent to Custom for inspection, another 45min wait while the Customs agents unpack and repack the van. They find nothing of interest, clear to go, Rte 15 N to Montreal.

Pont Jacque-Cartier

We arrive at Casa Obscura at 7pm. Craig and Emilie are already there and set up. Bernard and Emilie have vintage Korg synths, can’t wait for their set, but Craig is first, here’s the lineup –

Pedersen Thierry Duo: [Montreal QC]
Craig Pedersen – trompette
Thierry Amar – contrebasse
Gagnon Mouchous Vandal Trio: [Montreal QC]
Bernard Gagnon & Emilie Mouchous – electroniques
Philippe Vandal – sax
Kane Wright Duo:
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electroniques
Walter Wright – batterie amplifié

track 01

Bernard, Phillippe and Emilie

A great show, great venue. We load out, over to Emilie’s. After unloading and securing the van, I unpack my PeterB miniSynth. Emilie and I setup on the kitchen table and jam until 3am.

Emilie’s handmade Lunetta synth & my PeterB miniSynth

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