Spring miniTour: Day 4

Up early, processing audio files and pics, updating FB and my blog. Nice weather and a nice walk down rue Ontario Est, breakfast at La Belle Place. Back to Emilie’s, checking out the neighbourhood (Canadian spelling).

Emilie’s apartment

La Belle Place

Hochelaga, graffiti for Skot

Off to Ottawa, too much gear to fit in Emilie’s car. Bonnie takes the gear and drives alone to Ottawa. I ride with Emilie. We listen to Black Sabbath and T-Rex on her tape player. We arrive at the venue shortly before Bonnie. We go for coffee. Across the street we see Craig, Ky, her boyfriend and her dog. Linsey Wellman arrives, opens up, we load in.

Ky, Bonnie and Emilie

The venue

Lot’s of people playing tonight (see below). I set up both the electronics and the drumkit. The PeterB miniSynth for a duo with Emilie, the drumkit for playing with Bonnie.

Around 7pm Jane Wright and Ballentine Vesuna arrive, ex-wife and daughter, somehow Jane and Safina, as noted and grand daughter, have persuaded Ballentine to drive into Ottawa. This is unusual. Safina arrives with a couple of friends. Ky’s dad and step-mother arrive. It’s family night at IMOO!

Craig, Linsey and I decide on a lineup. Five sets, various combinations –
1) Emilie and Walter
2) Ky and Linsey
3) Bonnie and Walter
4) Bonnie, Craig and Walter
5) Grace, Bonnie, Emilie, Craig, Linsey, Walter

Ky Brooks – voice [2,5]
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics [3-5]
Emilie Mouchous – electroniques [2,5]
Craig Pedersen – trumpet [4,5]
Linsey Wellman – sax [2,5]
Walter Wright – electronics [1], amplified drumkit [3-5]

Good solid evening, good crowd, several were at my first IMOO show 8 years ago. I enjoy playing with Emilie. Ky’s duo with Linsey and our trio with Craig were outstanding. Got a chance to talk with Jane, Ballentine and Safina between sets. They had a good time, enjoyed the music. The room was jumping. We ended with the IMOO Big Band!

Here are some recordings –
set 1)
set 3)
set 4)
set 5)

Here are some videos –



Bonnie, Emilie, Craig and Linsey

Hung out for bit after the show, loaded out. Stopped for falafel before hitting the road. Emilie is staying in Ottawa for a couple of days, new job at Diamon! Bonnie and I head back to Montreal, arrive at 1:30am, a long day.

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