Spring miniTour: Day 8

We’re up early, by 9am, as it’s a longish drive to Rimouski. Bonnie makes coffee. We pack up, load out, and say goodbye to Emilie.


Out Rte 138 to TC 20, under the river to the south side of the St Lawrence, past Trois-Riviere and Victoriaville, past Quebec City, past Riviere-du-Loup. We stop briefly for lunch at Trois-Pistoles. Then on past Parc National du Bic. The St Lawrence is widening out. We turn off on Rte 132 and drive along the shore into Rimouski, to la Maison du Tailleur, our B&B.

Lunch at Trois-Pistoles

la Maison du Tailleur

We unload the camping gear. Also at the B&B, four saxophonists who are on the bill with us tonight. We relax for a bit, then head over to Coop Paradis. We meet Robin Servant the sound man, yes there’s a sound man and a real stage with lighting, the works. We load in, set up. Robin sets mics for recording and for the PA.

Coop Paradis

After the sound check our host, Eric Normand arrives, we hang out for a bit before the show.

Eric Normand, the three students improvisors, Bonnie

The theater

Here’s the program for the evening –

Première partie
Quasar – 4tet de saxophones rencontres
Jean-Marc Bouchard, André Leroux, Marie-Chantale Leclerc, Mathieu Leclerc (saxophones)
Bascaille – trio de percussions
Antoine L-Berger, Olivier Noël et Tom Jacques (percussions)

Deuxième partie
Kane Wright Duo –
Walter Wright (percussions), Bonnie Kane (saxophone, flute, électronique)
Alexandre Robichaud (trompette), Antoine L-Berger (percussion), Gabriel Drapeau (synthesizer)

Here’s our set –

There’s 50-60 people in the audience. After the show many of them stay around to talk. Friendly, relaxed this is a lot of fun! I talk with several of the universite du quebec music students that played with the quartet and with us. They had composed a piece for the quartet but were quite excited to improvise with us, Anglophones who they had never met before.

Packed up

We loaded out then returned to chat with Eric and Robin. Around 12midnight we headed back to the B&B. I went to bed. Bonnie headed off to the kitchen to talk with the saxophonists who had returned with food and wine.

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