Spring miniTour: Day 9

We’re up early, again, another longish drive to Penobscot. Bonnie makes coffee, we load out, head south on Rte 232. Beautiful country, still snow covered, small lakes iced over. We skirt the west shore of Lac Temiscouata, joinn TC2 85, continue south into New Brunswick. We turn left at Woodstock, over to the Canada/US border, south on I95 south to Bangor, back east on SR15 to Bucksport, 199 to Penobscot.

Back in the US[S]A

The Cannery

Cannery canneries

We arrive at the Cannery in time for dinner, but first we load in. Leslie Ross is hosting a women’s sewing circle, her partner Zeke Finkelstein is downstairs in his studio, Steve Norton is setting up his horn collection. The sewing circle breaks up. We sit down for dinner.

We set up in the gallery, determine a set list, the audience is already trickling in. Cameras aligned, cell phones off, digital audio recorder on …

Five sets in various combinations –
1) Kane Wright
2) Norton Ross
3) Kane Norton
4) Ross Wright
5) Kane Norton Ross Wright

Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics
Steve Norton – sopranino, bass clarinet, baritone sax
Leslie Ross – bassoon
Walter Wright – amplified drumkit, percussion

The first two sets are fairly short, there’s a brief intermission, next two sets also short, but we stretch out on the last set. Here are the live recordings –

track 01
track 02
track 03
track 04
track 05

Here’s a video of our set –

We return to the living space, several audience members are hanging out. We drink some wine, chat. Around midnight everyone turns in. I’m downstairs in the ‘apartment’.

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