Spring miniTour: Day 10

Early day, third in a row, another longish drive to Lowell. Breakfast with Leslie, Zeke, Steve, Bonnie and the two students from Bar Harbor. After breakfast we pack up, load out, on the road. Back out SR 199 to 15 to Bucksport, Rte 1 across the Penobscot River, we pass Fort Knox, not that Fort Knox, south to Belfast to Rte 3. Up and over the hills to Augusta where we rejoin I95, south to Portland ME, to Portsmouth NH, to Massachusetts. I495 over to Lowell and we’re home! Well, I’m home …

We load into The Hearing Room, take our camping gear upstairs, then head out to Beerworks. Christos can’t play tonight, it’s Kane Wright Duo for the last time, on the tour. We’re playing with Eliot Cardinaux and Flin van Hemmen, Matt Samolis and Dei Xhrist, and Geoff Koetsch.

Here’s the lineup –

Gestures: [Boston MA]
Eliot Cardinaux – piano, spoken word
Flin van Hemmen, drums, percussion, cymbals
Xhrishoe: [Boston MA, Manchester NH]
Matt Samolis – flute
DeiX – voice, electronics
Geoff Koetsch – video [Lowell MA]
Kane Wright Duo: [Holyoke, Lowell MA]
Bonnie Kane – flute [Holyoke MA]
Walter Wright – amplified drums, percussion

We set up, Gestures lead off, Geoff, then Matt and Dei and, finally Bonnie and I. Bonnie says she’s finally figured out how to play with my percussion 8^))) Here’s our set –

Here’s a live recording

Here’s a video –

Not a long evening, we hang out for a bit then back to Beerworks for a nightcap, Glenmorangie Single Malt.


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