Egregoros at ALL Gallery June 16, 2017

Christos & Walter

This is our last performance for this season. Christos leaves soon, in two weeks, for Cyprus, for the summer. Perhaps, in anticipation, he has been playing his saz. I’ve been playing acoustic, on-the-floor percussion. The sound is traditional.

Several months ago, Christos joined Joe Burgio’s ensemble inédit ?!, a group of musicians and dancers exploring improvised movement and sound. I’m a long-time member. We invited two of the dancers Katerine and Ofri to join us, the lineup –

Chrsitos Kolendrous – saz, modular synth
Walter Wright – acoustic percussion
Katerine Gagnon & Ofri Rieger – movement

Our event is a first for the ALL Gallery, usually reserved for visual art. We developed a plan –

ALL Gallery

We moved out the desk, clearing the main gallery space and set up chairs along the two side walls. Christos & I sat on the floor, at either end, with our backs to the columns.

We played two sets: the first a more traditional set weaving Christos’ traditional Persian melodies with my off-kilter percussion, and the second a ‘score’ for dancers and musicians. In the second set we paired up – Katerine and Christos, Ofri and me. A simple score, musicians follow the dancers, 50% rule. That is, musicians play only when their partners are moving and are silent when their partner are still. We relaxed the 50% rule, each pair would be still/silent 33% or 1/3 of the time.

I find the difference between the two sets, the first sounds like music. It is structured using traditional rules for musical composition. The second however sounds very different, the composition is structured as movement, Christos and I are interpreting the dancers gestures. I was pleasantly surprised listening back to the second set. It holds together –

track 01
track 02

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