Signal Culture Residency: Day 2

Up early, coffee & Jevity, went shopping. Bought myself more coffee, V8, soup, ice cream and beer.

Reviewed recordings from last night, a little gaudy, that is, blown out color. I installed a terminator on the rescan monitor and re-recorded. Fixed.

Rescan monitor

Updating my first Projektor sketches. The ‘Projektor’ assembles ‘films’ from high resolution still images and sends them to a window, full-screen on the computer, or full-screen on a secondary display … the rescan monitor. The first four sketches include –

– 170404a that explores copy, blend and filter effects, images from
   Chailey Mansion, Newburyport MA
– 170526a as above, images from Halibut Point State Park, Rockport MA
– 170530b that explores sequences, images from Halibut Point
– 170621b that explores crossfades, images the mills in Lowell MA

I spend the morning tweaking the random copy, blend and filter effects in the first sketch, 170404a. In this sketch Projektor assembles films using random numbers and, as a result, never repeats itself, assembling a new film each time it runs. It starts by choosing 25 images of the 100 available. Each frame is chosen randomly from the available images. Next Projektor decides which effects to apply when drawing the image to the output, a combination of copy, blend and/or filter effects. Frame rate is set randomly and varies between 5-15 fps. Finally, the odds are 1::50 that a new image will be swapped into the available image array.

At 1pm I head over to the Tioga Trails for Dave Jones’ Media Lunch, which occurs every third month on the third Saturday. In attendance are Benton C Bainbridge. Jonas Bers, Peer Bode, Dave Jones, Hank Rudolph, Sherry Miller-Hocking, Brian Murphy, Matt Schlanger, Neil Zusman, and several others, all video artists.

Tioga Trails

Dave and Hank

Benton C

Peer, Brian, Matt, and Sherry


At 3pm I’m back at Signal Culture, tweaking sketches. I decide to skip over the second sketch, move on to sketch 170530b and sequences. Tweaking is simple, it’s reducing the number of lines of code in a sketch. This means getting rid of unnecessary variables and using arrays and tables for fixed data. The ‘tweaked’ set usually runs faster but is not as easy to read, So for all the lines of code I take away, I add and equal number of comments.

Benton C Bainbridge drops by, we chat about high resolution recording, he gives me a few hints.

At 7pm I head over to Dave’s to catch a ride to this year’s ’Transient Visions Festival. The program tonight features work by artists from The Experimental Television Center and Signal Culture – Jason Bernagozzi, Sara Bonaventura, Jamie Hahn, Alison Nguyen, Monica Panzarino, Kristin Reeves, Eric Souther, Benjamin Rosenthal, Charles Woodman, Neil Zusman; and a performance by Jonas Bers and Nathan Cearley. I do like Jonas’s work.

Jones’ Video Synthesizer

The latest, greatest video oscillator

Nathan and Jonas at Transient Visions

At 11pm, back at Signal Culture, I fire up the rescan monitor and record.

Chailey 01

Chailey 02

Halibut 01

Halibut 02

[Note added 10/28/2017] Something ‘amiss’, recording quality leaves much to be desired! As documents, still worth posting. When I have figured a better recording method I will re-record and re-post these videos.

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