Signal Culture Residency: Day 3

Up early, coffee and scrambled eggs!

Downloaded video from last night, not so good, reshoot. A little discouraging, the good news is that the sketches are working well, the bad news is the quality of the recordings. I’ve narrowed it down to the HDMI > video converter, will look into an upgrade when I get home.

Spent the morning on administrivia including email, messages, updating my blog, etc.

Quote of the day –

“Video artists showed up at ETC. Nam June came up quite often; he would stay with Sherry and me. Woody and Steina Vasulka would come up from New York, and Walter Wright was sort of an artist in residence for a long time.”
~ Ralph Hocking in Binghamton Babylon: Voices From The Cinema Department 1967-1977

After lunch, more Projektor sketches, a series using images from a print by Jan Johnson –

– 170621b that explores crossfades, images the mills in Lowell MA
– 170708a uses images from Jan’s print, explores motion, crossfade and flicker
– 170725a uses images from Jan’s print, Brakhage-like
– 170809a uses images from Jan’s print, explores duration and fade
– 170820a uses images from Jan’s print, explores keying
– 170914a a portrait of Ben Hersey!

I started with the Lowell mills crossfade sketch yesterday but was unable to get a good recording. My first attempt at crossfading, written as a test for ideas that I wanted to use with the images from Jan’s print.

The first of four sketches using images from Jan’s print. I’m attempting to animate the images in a manner analogous to the printing process. Animation implies movement, and the printing process implies layering. And I added a flicker, see the video. Tweaking the code, timing, etc.

I have alway admired Stan Brakhage’s hand-painted films. This next sketch is Brakhage-like. I’m using b&w images, posterized using only 2 levels. I copy the images to the a buffer using random positioning, offset +or- 50 pixels in horizontal and vertical, adding color as a tint, and modifying the buffer using a couple of blend effects LIGHTEST and EXCLUSION. Kept the flicker 8^)))

Up to this point I’ve used frame rate to control speed. This doesn’t allow for an image to fade, it remains on-screen until the next refresh. Setting duration or the number of frames until the next image is drawn, allows fades. Processing is ‘picky’ about fading, this being yet another example …

The last, for the moment, of sketches using images from Jan’s prints. Like the Brakhage-like sketch this one uses b&w posterized images and 5 color images – black, blue, red, yellow, white. The color Jan used in her print.

Here’s something different, a portrait of Ben Hersey using an image from his website. I’m experimenting with color controls.

At 11pm, after a long day, I fire up the rescan monitor and record.

Mills 01

Mills 02

Jan 01


Jan 03

Jan 04

Jan 05

Jan 06

Jan 07

Jan 08

Ben 01

Ben 02

[Note added 10/30/2017] Something ‘amiss’, recording quality leaves much to be desired! As documents, still worth posting. When I have figured a better recording method I will re-record and re-post these videos.

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