Signal Culture Residency: Day 4

Up early, coffee, scrambled eggs!

Started downloading video from last night, takes awhile. Spent the morning on administrivia including email, messages, updating my blog, etc. A routine developing?

After lunch more Projektor sketches, b&w, input to the AVSynth –

– 170605a circles, squares, vertical bars, and horizontal lines
– 170622a Lowell mills, the same images as used in the crossfade
– 170916a Ben Hersey, the same images as used in the color sketch

A new setup, the AVSynth is now ‘in the loop’.

Click for larger image

I named the first sketch ‘Geometry’, 2-D shapes, and some neat timing. This sketch and the ‘Leaves’ video loop work well with the Jones’ MVIP. The shapes change color as they fade. The vertical bars contrast with the horizontal bars generated by the AVSynth.

In this patch the Mikrophonie module controls the Brightness on the MVIP, and the 2 SWOOP modules control Hue 1 and Hue 2. I can match the ‘speed’ of the animation using the 2 SWOOPs, the low frequency oscillator in FOURSES, the Chaos output of the SPROTT, and/or the oscillator on the DENUM module. Some of these can be set directly, by ‘knob-twiddling’, others are more random.

I spend some time tweaking the second sketch, adding layers and, of course, a flicker. Again color and effects change as the images fade.

The third sketch, a portrait of Ben Hersey, just works. Not a finished piece, it’s more of an idea …

Tonight I turn in early, around 1am, I’ll record these sketches tomorrow.

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