Signal Culture Residency: Day 5

Up early, coffee, scrambled eggs!

Downloading video from last night, takes awhile. Spent the morning on administrivia including email, messages, updating my blog, etc. A well developed routine.

At 1:30pm Dave and I head out to Ralph and Sherry’s for a visit.

On our way to Ralph & Sherry’s

Their house, looking south

Their house, looking west

Creek behind the house

Creek behind the house

Their house, looking north, storage barn

Closer up

Front door

Front door

Front door

Inside, Sherry and Ralph

Inside, Sherry, Ralph, Dave and Missy

By 4pm I’m back at Signal, experimenting with Projektor AVSynth –

– 170605a circles, squares, vertical bars and horizontal lines
– 170622a Lowell mills, the same images as used in the crossfade
– 170916a Ben Hersey, the same images as used in the color sketch

By 6pm I’m ready to record. Some fun, a successful patch, control signals work well with both audio and video. The 2 SWOOPs that appear as horizontal bars in the image also kick the FOURSES, oscillator 1 upper BOUNDS and oscillator 4 lower BOUNDS, changing the sound quality and rhythm. When the SWOOPs are running in LFO mode they shift the color of the whole image.

The Geometry sketch seems to have the most potential for performance, easy to work with, lots of variation, and space to breath. The Mills sketch is more difficult, sometimes too much, also more difficult to ‘tune’ on the fly. The sketch of Ben just works!

Rescan is working a little better, but not as well as I would like. My camcorder’s auto-focus and auto-exposure get lost, the resulting image blurs and fades inappropriately. I may be able to adjust the rescan monitor to compensate, however a descent digital video recorder would be a much better solution. Dave also recommended the Black Magic Ultra Studio.

By 9pm I’m finished, spend the rest of the evening reviewing the recordings, processing recordings from the day before.

Mills 01

Mills 02

Geometry 01

Geometry 02

Geometry 03

Geometry 04

Ben 01

Note: The sound on the videos was recorded by the rescan camera, these tracks were recorded directly to my Zoom H4 –

track 01
track 02
track 03
track 04

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