Signal Culture Residency: Day 7

Yep, same morning routine.

Today I’m heading home, my birthday, and I have a party to attend! Pack up, I’m on the road by 9am, smooth sailing all the way up I88 to Albany, where it starts raining. It rains the rest of the way to Lowell. The good news is I arrive early, at 3pm, plenty of time to unpack and get ready for the party 8^)))

North Avenue, looking north

Packed up, ready to go

Kitchen window and all-important coffee maker

Kitchen door to back porch

Living/dining room & research library

Lab & Hank’s office

Front door

Back in Massachusetts

A nice red tree

All in all, a productive residency, I had planned to –

– work with my Processing sketches
– try to get a descent hires video recording of the AVSynth
– research links to ‘improvisation in hypermedia’
– space notation

I got to the first two, accomplished 50% of my goals and was 50% successful. The Processing sketches turned out nicely, the hires video recording did not. However, I have a lead on a ‘device’ that should do the trick.

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