Spring miniTour 2018: Day 1

An early Spring miniTour

ELKA BONG: [Chester NY, Lowell MA]
Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, objects, contact mics
Walter Wright – AVSynth
Dei Xhrist – voice, electronics
Alex Pelchat, Matt Robidoux and many, many more!

9am pick the rent-a-car, drive to pick up Al. I make it all the way to Chester NY before my phone’s mapping app fails, “can’t find a route to your destination from here.” Circling briefly until I recognize a couple of landmarks, I make it Al’s house. Lunch with Al and Deb, then back in the car.. Unfortunately it’s Friday, traffic sucks on I84. Takes almost twice as long to get back to Lowell, we arrive home at 7pm, show at OK House at 8pm, luckily only a couple of block away.

We arrive at the venue in plenty of time, load in. Deidre is already there, set up, ready to go. House residents and ex students Alexandra, Vicky, Steph, Liv, Rachel and Justin are gathered in the kitchen. A nice venue, sort of a livingroom/large den at the back of the house. High ceiling, couches, plenty of space, a good crowd.

Dei Xhrist

Alexandra Derderian

Vicky Belakhov

The room

The room

The lineup is –

  8:30pm – DeiX
  9:00pm – Wild Painting
  9:30pm – Tiki Drinks
10:00pm – Daisybones
10:30pm – Elka Bong


Everything goes according to plan, more people arrive as the evening goes on, we have a full house for our set! It was a good set, unfortunately no recording. We hang out for a bit, load out, and are home by midnight.

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