Spring miniTour 2018: Day 2

We hit the road at 10am, Lowell to Montreal, Rte3 to Manchester NH to pick up Deidre. I93 to I89 to Burlington VT where we stop for lunch. From Burlington to the Canadian border where we stop for Customs & Immigration.

Marc Bisson

DeiX packing up

Welcome to VT

DeiX at Junior’s, Burlington VT

They wave us in, questions for Dei about trying to bring a taser into Canada. Cleared, up Rte 133 to 10 and across the Champlain Bridge. We miss the turnoff to downtown, detour back through the downtown, past McGill U, up Avenue du Parc, over to St Laurent, and we arrive at Brasserie Beaubien early.

Alex and Matt arrive at 6:30pm followed by a trickle of musicians, in total 20+ will be playing with Ensemble Habitant. We set up for a rehearsal. Dinner break, tonight’s lineup is –

  9:00pm – Ensemble Habitant
    recorder score by Matt Robidoux
  9:30pm – Michel Meunier – solo electronics, plumbing
10:30pm – DeiX – pocket opera
10:00pm – Ensemble Habitant
    “Ear Score”, Hildegard Westerkamp led by Eric Lewis
    a graphic score by Matt Robidoux
11:00pm – Elka Bong – noise & video

Brasserie Beaubien, Montreal QC

David Dugas Dion

The flute/recorder score is performed on the sidewalk outside the venue. We play either B or F, two ‘continuous’ tones. It’s cold, after 15min we single-file indoors, still playing, lining up the length of the venue, and end. Next up Michel Meunier, Dei, the Ensemble encore and, finally, Elka Bong. Great venue, dive bar ‘surrealiste’.

Michel Meunier

Dei Xhrist


Michel and Dei complemented each other. The sound engineer did a great job with Dei. The ensemble was very, very good, playing well and ending ‘on a dime’. Elka Bong wrapped it up!

We hang out for a bit, load out, drop Dei at Alex’s, stop for pizza at 1:00am, Al & I crash at Emilie’s.

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