Spring miniTour 2018: Day 5

Up at 9am, admnistrivia … Al makes coffee, back to Alex’s to pick up Dei, back to Emilie’s where we load in for a recording session in the kitchen. Al off to the side playing violin, contact mics, and assorted kitchen utensils, Em & I on synths, Dei eats an apple.

Sound file here.

2pm load out, back to the USofA, we work our way to pont Jacque Cartier, cross over, get tangled up in the traffic circle crossing back across the bridge. We give up, take 720 to pont Champlain and finally connect with Rte15S to Rte 10E to Rte35 to the border and I89. No problems at the border, gas stop in Swanton then we head down Rte 7S in search of a diner. We stop at The Maple Leaf Diner for a late breakfast, home fries with maple syrup!.Yes, we are back in New England!

Dei, Al & Em

Maple Leaf Diner 8^)))

Back on the road, south through Burlington to Vergennes, we arrive early, load in. Jane Boxall arrives with a small kit including a propane tank drum. We all set up in different corners of the gallery and are ready to go –

7:00pm – Jane Boxall – percussion, field recording, poetry
7:30pm – DeiX
8:00pm – Elka Bong

It’s a good set, I forget to hit record, sigh 8^(((

Jane, Dei & Al

We stay to chat with the audience, then hit the road winding our way around Lake Champlain and Lake George to I87S to Al’s house in Chester NY. We arrive at 1am.

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