Spring miniTour 2018: Day 7

The now usual morning routine, except today we have fresh bagels, eggs and bacon! After brunch, edit and post sound files. All caught up, in time to pack up and head south down Rte17 to I287 to I78 to Bread and Puppet in Easton PA.

We load in. Andy Laties, the store owner, and Jack Wright join us for a late afternoon session at the back of the store –

Sound file here.

Jack, Al, Dei & Barbara

A short ride to Jack’s house for dinner with Jack and Barbara. Barbara’s Morrocan Vegetable soup with currents and spices, kale salad with pumpkin seeds, and a couple of beers. All set for the gig, back to the bookstore, the lineup –

8:00pm – DeiX
8:30pm – Elka Bong
9:00pm – Andy Laties & Jack Wright


Andy & Jack


Dei’s mic isn’t working so it’s acapella for her, and for an encore a monologue about the colors purple and mauve, a matte black train, time travel, and her uncle’s house in NY that straddles the US/Canadian border. Elka Bong up next, I run Geometry 01, perhaps not the best choice, we’ll re-evaluate next week. Finally Andy Laties, shakuhachi, and Jack Wright, soprano sax. The audience are all over 65, gray haired, retired artists from NYC. We’ve given them something to talk about.

We load out, back to Al’s, snacks and small talk, in bed at 1am.

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