Almost Summer miniTour: Day 6

Up by 11am, I slept in Ryan’s bedroom, he’s not moving. Victoria, Dana, and I scour the kitchen, make coffee. Lucy appears, then Andrea. The house is crowded and there are people outside – sleeping in their cars, there’s a tent and a hammock. Quite a collection. More people drift into the house, Ryan suggests a breakfast biscuit take-out, several cars take off. Andrea and I opt to go straight into town, snag a parking spot in front of the venue, head back to the Mediterranean Deli, falafel salad for breakfast, then across the street for Columbian coffee. Their wifi password is “tarheels”.

Ryan’s house


We’re back at the venue by 3pm, our host Ryan Martin has the first set.The lineup for the second day of Savage Weekend –

Fossilized Wilderness [NC]
Margery Kemp [NC]
Marselle [MA]
Jim Capps [NC]
de_Plata [NC]
Clang Quartet [NC]
Suicide Magnets [NC]
Fitness Womxn [NC]
Andean Shrine [FL]
Blursome [NC]
Fjshwjfe [FL]
Marcia Custer [OH]
Parabola [OH]
Soul Worm [NY]
Nadia [ME]
Widow [NC]
Julia Santoli [NY]
Bats From Pogo [MA]
Formaldehydra [FL]
Proud/Father [LA]
Virusse [RI]
Last Supper [PA]
Lauren Tosswill [ME]
Desert Secretary [NC]
Control Point [PA]
Tavishi [VA]
Violiet [RI]
Humanbeast [NY]
Dracula [FL]
Naga [FL]
Ironing [FL]
I_Like_Dog_Face [FL]
Oracle Plus [CA]
Crawlspace [NY]
Das Drip [NC]
Trim [MA, NY]
Kimberly [TX]
Unguent [PA]
Tether [PA]
Cienfuegos [NY]
Valerie Martino [RI]
Dromez [TX]
Gyna Bootleg [RI]
Noise Nomads [MA]
Moth Cock [OH]
Rat Bastard [FL]
Cornelius F Von Strafin III [NC]



Rebecca & JP


48 bands from NC, FL, NY, PA, OH, MA, RI, ME, CA, LA, TX and VA. Same as yesterday, a lot of creative energy, an eclectic mix of performance, electronics, other musics. Some highlights Fitness Womxn remind me of Pylon; Tavishi aka Sarmistha Talkudar from Richmond VA; Lauren Tosswill; Ironing aka Andrew Chadwick who is documenting this weekend; and more who’s names I’ve forgotten. You had to be there!More out-of-towners, some BIG names. A long, long day, from 3:30pm to 3:30am, we’re back at Ryan’s ‘round 4am, and again, I’m out like light.

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