The Cannery Residency: Day 4

Wake up at 7am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “Expect the unexpected, or you won’t find it, because it doesn’t leave a trail.” The interpretation reads, “Loosen your preconceptions about what you expect to find. Pay special attention to the anomalous and unusual rather than ignoring it. Then use that as a stepping stone to something different.”

Off to walk the SW Quadrant –

I start at The Cannery, walk south on 175, turn right on Bridges Point Road. There are a few houses on the north side of the road, waterfront access. The south side of the road is undeveloped, however there are red ribbon markers and lines sectioning off portions of the woods. I assume these are survey lines, perhaps for development, or for logging. The forest is not as messy as the recently cut area I visited yesterday. I pass a farm with shoreline access. A little farther down the road I take a trail leading off into the woods. More fiddleheads.

This is relatively new growth, ferns, a few wild flowers, small trees, scrubby underbrush. I turn around, back to the road. I continue walking out to Bridges Point. I pass a second, larger farm, come to a old, abandon farmhouse that’s collapsing back into the ground.

To the right of the farmhouse are indications of a lane leading into the wood. There are big, old trees around the farmhouse and along the lane. I estimate 90 to 100 feet tall. The lane opens into an old field. I walk across the field, circle back around. Through the trees I can see the shoreline and out across the water to the other side of the inlet. I walk back to wards the farmhouse, stop take get a closer look at the older trees.

I’m wondering what it must have been like to walk though the original, old-growth forest – on a bed of pine needles, surrounded by trees over 100 feet tall, light filtering down through the canopy. I walk back along the road until I reach a field, just past the first farm. I walk across the field, scramble down to the shoreline.

From here I can look out across Winslow Cove towards Winslow Stream. I scramble back up to the road and back towards The Cannery. I pass a “Children Playing” sign that hunters have riddled with bullets. They missed.

Back at The Cannery I work on editing and posting yesterday’s images. Dinner with Leslie and Zeke, then back to work uploading, updating, and posting to my blog. In bed by 11pm.

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