The Cannery Residency: Day 5

Wake up at 7am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “That which opposes produces a benefit.” The interpretation reads, “Routines are the boon and bane of our existence. They’re beneficial because they allow us to get things done without much thought. They’re harmful because they can prevent us from developing a fresh perspective.”

Off to walk the SE Quadrant –

I start at The Cannery, walk south on 175, past the church, past several houses until I spot a bulldozer parked next to the road, blocking a road leading into the woods. There’s a sign by road, “Madden Sustainable Forestry”.

I walk around the bulldozer, follow the single-lane road into the woods. Google maps shows that this is the access road into a logging area. The bugs are out. It’s muddy. The small creeks that cross the road have been filled with logs. Heavy equipment tracks fill the road and, in the tracks, bear tracks!

I arrive at a ‘staging’ area – two log-movers are parked there, logs stacked ready to transported out to the road, trails lead off into the woods. Not exactly ‘clear-cut’, only the larger trees are ‘harvested’, smaller trees are left standing. This area is currently being worked on, but not today. It’s Sunday. I learn later that the ground is too wet for logging, they won’t be back in until it dries up.

Walking back to The Cannery I’m thinking about ‘parasites’, who are they? Prompted by a book in the bathroom, “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” by Wilhelm Reich in which he says something like, Children, the poor and unemployed, gays and lesbians, all artists and performers, the handicapped, and the elderly are seen by the Fascists as ‘parasiting’ the system. Ironically, I learn that Michel Serres passed away yesterday.

[pic of book]

Considering the ‘big picture’, that is, we as humans sharing the earth with plants and animals, who are the parasites? Who’s spoiling the earth for the rest of the system?

Back at The Cannery I work on editing and posting yesterday’s images. Dinner then back to work uploading, updating, and posting to my blog. Not in bed ’til after midnight.

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