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Gigs June, 2019

June 16, 2019

The Cannery Residency
May 29 – June 9 in Penobscot ME
Installation using (3) video projections, quad sound.

June 8 at The Cannery, Penobscot ME
Norton Ross Wright
Steve Norton – reeds
Leslie Ross – bassoon
Walter Wright – amplified floor percussion
Playing scores taken from photos gathered during my residency.
Artis’s Talk and preview of my installation!

Eric Souther Visit
June 12-13 at 114 Grand Street, Lowell MA
Interview for history of video toolmakers

June 17 at 114 Grand Street, Lowell MA
Christos Koulendros – Sidrazzi
Walter Wright – amplified drum kit

The Cannery Residency: Day 12

June 9, 2019

Wake up at 7:00am

Pack up. Taking the three Rpis with me.

Steve, Mary Ann and I drive to the Helen and Scott Nearings’ Good Life Center on Cape Rosier, then on to Deer Isle and Stonington for lunch at the Harbor Cafe.

Back to South Penobscot, stop at the Strong Brewery.

Pack up, leave for Lowell ‘round 3:30pm, arrive home at 8:00pm.

The Cannery Residency: Day 11

June 8, 2019

Wake up at 7:00am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “Disease makes health sweet and good, hunger satiety, and weariness rest.” The interpretation reads, “Opposites define and complement one another. If one cesed to exist the other wouldn’t have much meaning. Each puts the other in relief. Each is the ground from which the other stands out. Reversing your point of view is a good technique for opening up your thinking.”

Drive back to Penobscot with Mary Ann, stop in Belfast at Traci’s Diner.

Leslie, Mary Ann and I get channels 2 & 3 up and running. One projector is very dim, but otherwise both sound and video working well.

Work on scores for the performance and ‘soft’ opening tonight.

Work on Artist’s Talk.

Everything went well!

The Cannery Residency: Day 10

June 7, 2019

Wake up at 5:00am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “Sea water is both pure and polluted: for fish it’s drinkable and life-giving; for humans undrinkable and destructive.” The interpretation reads, “Context determines meaning. Much of creativity is the ability to take a thing or a concept and put it in different contexts so that it takes on new meanings.”

AVSynth sound system gives up the ghost, it’s toast!

Channel 1 up and running, channels 2 and 3 all ready to go.

Drive back to Lowell to pick up Mary Ann.

The Cannery Residency: Day 9

June 6, 2019

Wake up at 6:30am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “When we’re awake, there is one ordered universe, but in sleep each of us turns away from this world to one of our own.” The interpretation reads, “Your dreams are symbols through which your unconscious mind speaks to you. Take advantage of them.”

Adjust the layout moving projectors 1 & 3 to opposite sides, Leslie & I hang screens

Processing sound library not working, loop() command doesn’t!

Again, have to prerecord the video for an installation, not the same as running ‘live’.

The Cannery Residency: Day 8

June 5, 2019

Wake up at 7am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “The sun will not deviate from its routine, becaue the avenging Furies, ministers of Justice, would find out” The interpretation reads, “If the sun behaves unpredictably; rose in the west or remained stationary for hours at a time, there would be chaos.Sometimes when we alter something, forces are set in motion that wreck havoc and cause horrific results.”

Started to layout the installation – projectors screens and speakers.

Editing video files, grabbing audio files, preparing to edit sound.

The Cannery Residency: Day 7

June 4, 2019

Wake up at 7am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “A wonderful harmony arises from joining together the seemingly unconnected.” The interpretation reads, “What we call thinking is our ability to connect ideas together. The more often similar ideas are brought together the less thought they generate. It is the connection of previously unconnected ideas that’s the basis of invention, poetry, art, humor, and problem-solving.”

School kids visit. I talk, briefly, show the first sketch completed and make some noise on the AVSynth.

Processing sketches for video channels 1, 2 and 3.

Stonington for dinner.

Start thinking about screens and layout.

The Cannery Residency: Day 6

June 3, 2019

Wake up at 8am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “Dogs bark back at what they don’t understand” The interpretation reads, “New ideas are different by nature. They threaten and disturb the existing order. Consider barking to be a compliment: you’re getting someone’s attention.”

Work on Processing sketches. But first I have to finish downloading images from my (not so)smart-phone, seems like it dropped the ball, again, last night.

Poached eggs a hit!

The Cannery Residency: Day 5

June 2, 2019

Wake up at 7am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “That which opposes produces a benefit.” The interpretation reads, “Routines are the boon and bane of our existence. They’re beneficial because they allow us to get things done without much thought. They’re harmful because they can prevent us from developing a fresh perspective.”

Off to walk the SE Quadrant –

I start at The Cannery, walk south on 175, past the church, past several houses until I spot a bulldozer parked next to the road, blocking a road leading into the woods. There’s a sign by road, “Madden Sustainable Forestry”.

I walk around the bulldozer, follow the single-lane road into the woods. Google maps shows that this is the access road into a logging area. The bugs are out. It’s muddy. The small creeks that cross the road have been filled with logs. Heavy equipment tracks fill the road and, in the tracks, bear tracks!

I arrive at a ‘staging’ area – two log-movers are parked there, logs stacked ready to transported out to the road, trails lead off into the woods. Not exactly ‘clear-cut’, only the larger trees are ‘harvested’, smaller trees are left standing. This area is currently being worked on, but not today. It’s Sunday. I learn later that the ground is too wet for logging, they won’t be back in until it dries up.

Walking back to The Cannery I’m thinking about ‘parasites’, who are they? Prompted by a book in the bathroom, “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” by Wilhelm Reich in which he says something like, Children, the poor and unemployed, gays and lesbians, all artists and performers, the handicapped, and the elderly are seen by the Fascists as ‘parasiting’ the system. Ironically, I learn that Michel Serres passed away yesterday.

[pic of book]

Considering the ‘big picture’, that is, we as humans sharing the earth with plants and animals, who are the parasites? Who’s spoiling the earth for the rest of the system?

Back at The Cannery I work on editing and posting yesterday’s images. Dinner then back to work uploading, updating, and posting to my blog. Not in bed ’til after midnight.

The Cannery Residency: Day 4

June 1, 2019

Wake up at 7am.

Today’s ‘Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus’ card is “Expect the unexpected, or you won’t find it, because it doesn’t leave a trail.” The interpretation reads, “Loosen your preconceptions about what you expect to find. Pay special attention to the anomalous and unusual rather than ignoring it. Then use that as a stepping stone to something different.”

Off to walk the SW Quadrant –

I start at The Cannery, walk south on 175, turn right on Bridges Point Road. There are a few houses on the north side of the road, waterfront access. The south side of the road is undeveloped, however there are red ribbon markers and lines sectioning off portions of the woods. I assume these are survey lines, perhaps for development, or for logging. The forest is not as messy as the recently cut area I visited yesterday. I pass a farm with shoreline access. A little farther down the road I take a trail leading off into the woods. More fiddleheads.

This is relatively new growth, ferns, a few wild flowers, small trees, scrubby underbrush. I turn around, back to the road. I continue walking out to Bridges Point. I pass a second, larger farm, come to a old, abandon farmhouse that’s collapsing back into the ground.

To the right of the farmhouse are indications of a lane leading into the wood. There are big, old trees around the farmhouse and along the lane. I estimate 90 to 100 feet tall. The lane opens into an old field. I walk across the field, circle back around. Through the trees I can see the shoreline and out across the water to the other side of the inlet. I walk back to wards the farmhouse, stop take get a closer look at the older trees.

I’m wondering what it must have been like to walk though the original, old-growth forest – on a bed of pine needles, surrounded by trees over 100 feet tall, light filtering down through the canopy. I walk back along the road until I reach a field, just past the first farm. I walk across the field, scramble down to the shoreline.

From here I can look out across Winslow Cove towards Winslow Stream. I scramble back up to the road and back towards The Cannery. I pass a “Children Playing” sign that hunters have riddled with bullets. They missed.

Back at The Cannery I work on editing and posting yesterday’s images. Dinner with Leslie and Zeke, then back to work uploading, updating, and posting to my blog. In bed by 11pm.