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Gigs August, 2018

August 13, 2018

Northeast Noise Show
August 4 at The Firehouse, Worcester MA
Walter Wright – solo AVSynth
4 Airports, Angelsbreath, Casas, Federico Balducci, City Pigs, Frataxin, +DOG+, Pas Musique, l’eclipse nue, Lean, Mallard Theory, Matt Luczak, Martyr, Nazi Coffins, Pain Chain, Jay Randall, Victoria Shen, Sickness, Chuck Steak, Jim Stensil, This Is Not Okay, Gerritt Wittmer, Peter J. Woods, Zonkulator, & more …

August 5 at Third Life Studio, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Rajita, Charlotte Wagner, Andrea West – movement
Reggie Lui, John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound

New Music Saturdays: Collaborative In(ter)vention Series
August 11 at The Cannery, Penobscot ME
Walter Wright – solo AVSynth
Gregory Kowalski, Frank Mauceri, Lauren Tosswill

August 17 at ???, Ithaca NY
Walter Wright – solo AVSynth
Peter Chamberlain, Brian Murphy

August 19 at Third Life Studio, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
– movement
Walter Wright – sound

Cannery Residency
August 20-24 at The Cannery, Penobscot ME
Working on Processing sketches, sound, and panels.

August 25-September 3
08/25 – Lowell MA > Montreal QC
08/26 – Montreal, visit Lois, Syd, Brady, Terri
08/27 – Montreal QC > Quebec City QC
08/28 – Quebec City QC > Campbellton NB
08/29 – Campbellton NB > Charlottetown PEI
08/30 – Charlottetown, explore PEI
08/31 – Charlottetown NB > St John NB
09/01 – St John NB > Penobscot ME
09/02 – Penobscot, visit Acadia, Deer Isle
09/03 – Penobscot ME > Lowell MA, Labor Day

AVSynth live at the Firehouse on August 5, 2018

August 5, 2018


My first solo performance at the Northeast Noise Fest, went well 8^)))

Gigs July, 2018

July 31, 2018

July 8 at Third Life Studio, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Katerine Gagnon, Charlotte Wagner – movement
John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound
Gregory Kowalski – video

July 15 at Third Life Studio, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Thalia Arnow, Andrea West- movement
Walter Wright – sound

Buddy Fest
July 20-21 at My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, New Paltz NY
Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, contact mics
Walter Wright – AVSynth
Ophra Wolf – movement
Amelia Moon, LVSXW, ROMANTIC, Federico Balducci, Temple of Saturn, Jen Kutler, HSFB, Jack Lynch, Nick+Zack (BillXNye), IKKU, Co(p)e, Lucas Brode, Animals Against Humans, 4 Airports, Ohms of Resistance, +DOG+, Bathassaults , Octonomy , CHS Dog Hospice Duo, Street Rat + Joseph Mauro, Janet, Angels Breath, Sour Spirit, Sound VVitch, Jason Sherman, Bonnie Kane, Stephanie Germaine + Victoria Shen, Formaldahydra, mtlczk, Casas, Frataxin, Fred Cracklin, Jonas Bers, KPG, Mezzanine Swimmers, Wolverine Carcass, Grey Wulf, This is Not Okay, Poacher, Negasword, No Face, Mike Sidnam, TFFNI

July 29 at Third Life Studio, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound

July 31 at Outpost 186, Cambridge MA
Bats From Pogo:
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop, contact mics
Walter Wright – Board Weevil, contact mic
Evan Miller, Damon Smith, Chris Strunk

Gigs June, 2018

June 30, 2018

Grolier Poetry Festival
June 2 at Harvard Square, Cambridge MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Katerine Gagnon, Ofri Rieger – movement, poetry
John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound

June 3 at Third Life Studio, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Katerine Gagnon, Andrea West – movement
Reggie Liu, John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound

Summer miniTour:
Third “Annual” East Coast Free Music Festival
June 4 at Rotunda, Philadelphia PA
June 5 at Rotunda, Philadelphia PA
June 6 at Bread & Puppet, Easton PA
June 7 at Art Rat Studios, Roanoke VA
Savage Weekend
June 8 at Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC
June 9 at Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC
Bats From Pogo
Andrea Pensado – voice, contact mics, laptop
Walter Wright – Board Weevil, contact mics
Lauren Tosswill & many, many more

Choreographers’ Series
June 15 at Third Life Studio, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Katerine Gagnon, Ofri Reiger, Charlotte Wagner, Andrea West – movement
Reggie Liu, John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound
Featuring work by Kylie Burnham, Perla Joy Furr, Evolve Dynamicz, Catherine Lenard Gerberding, Rebecca McGowan, Liz Roncka, Deanna Beattie-Gallant, Margaret Wiss, Boston Community Dance Project and Kelley Donovan

Performance Lab: Return of the BopAnts
June 16 at The Hearing Room, Lowell MA
Marc Bisson – unprepared guitar
Walter Wright – drums, percussion
Inspector 34, Pain Chain, Sonic Puppet: Eliot Cardinaux, Katya Popova, Adam Yuch

June 22 at 114 Grand Street, Lowell MA
Christos Koulendros – saz
Walter Wright – amplified drums, percussion

June 24 at Third Life Studio, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Bianca Beneduzi, Katerine Gagnon, Kristiana Hubley, Charlotte Wagner, Andrea West – movement
Walter Wright – sound

Almost Summer miniTour: Day 7

June 10, 2018

Andrea and I are up sorta’ early, pack up and load out, on the road by 9:30am. I85E to I95N, we pass through Richmond VA, bogged down around Fredericksburg for brunch, a mistake.

Petersburgh VA

Richmond VA

Back on the road, Andrea’s takes us on I395 through Washington DC, not too bad, we rejoin I95, loop around Baltimore MD on I695, stop for coffee and gas.

Food Court I90N in Maryland

Delaware Bridge

Back on the road, it’s raining by the time we hit the Delaware Bridge, NJ Turnpike to I287, around NYC, onto I87N, we stop for coffee.

Back on the road, right turn on I84N through Connecticut to I90E the MassPike, we stop for gas. Back on the road to I290N to I495N to Lowell. It’s 1:30am, a 13 hour drive, happy to be home!

Almost Summer miniTour: Day 6

June 9, 2018

Up by 11am, I slept in Ryan’s bedroom, he’s not moving. Victoria, Dana, and I scour the kitchen, make coffee. Lucy appears, then Andrea. The house is crowded and there are people outside – sleeping in their cars, there’s a tent and a hammock. Quite a collection. More people drift into the house, Ryan suggests a breakfast biscuit take-out, several cars take off. Andrea and I opt to go straight into town, snag a parking spot in front of the venue, head back to the Mediterranean Deli, falafel salad for breakfast, then across the street for Columbian coffee. Their wifi password is “tarheels”.

Ryan’s house


We’re back at the venue by 3pm, our host Ryan Martin has the first set.The lineup for the second day of Savage Weekend –

Fossilized Wilderness [NC]
Margery Kemp [NC]
Marselle [MA]
Jim Capps [NC]
de_Plata [NC]
Clang Quartet [NC]
Suicide Magnets [NC]
Fitness Womxn [NC]
Andean Shrine [FL]
Blursome [NC]
Fjshwjfe [FL]
Marcia Custer [OH]
Parabola [OH]
Soul Worm [NY]
Nadia [ME]
Widow [NC]
Julia Santoli [NY]
Bats From Pogo [MA]
Formaldehydra [FL]
Proud/Father [LA]
Virusse [RI]
Last Supper [PA]
Lauren Tosswill [ME]
Desert Secretary [NC]
Control Point [PA]
Tavishi [VA]
Violiet [RI]
Humanbeast [NY]
Dracula [FL]
Naga [FL]
Ironing [FL]
I_Like_Dog_Face [FL]
Oracle Plus [CA]
Crawlspace [NY]
Das Drip [NC]
Trim [MA, NY]
Kimberly [TX]
Unguent [PA]
Tether [PA]
Cienfuegos [NY]
Valerie Martino [RI]
Dromez [TX]
Gyna Bootleg [RI]
Noise Nomads [MA]
Moth Cock [OH]
Rat Bastard [FL]
Cornelius F Von Strafin III [NC]



Rebecca & JP


48 bands from NC, FL, NY, PA, OH, MA, RI, ME, CA, LA, TX and VA. Same as yesterday, a lot of creative energy, an eclectic mix of performance, electronics, other musics. Some highlights Fitness Womxn remind me of Pylon; Tavishi aka Sarmistha Talkudar from Richmond VA; Lauren Tosswill; Ironing aka Andrew Chadwick who is documenting this weekend; and more who’s names I’ve forgotten. You had to be there!More out-of-towners, some BIG names. A long, long day, from 3:30pm to 3:30am, we’re back at Ryan’s ‘round 4am, and again, I’m out like light.

Almost Summer miniTour: Day 5

June 8, 2018

Up at a reasonable hour, Ralph and I sit on the back porch and drink coffee. For Ralph one cup caffeinated, he drinks slowly. Lauren and Alice appear, then Andrea. We, Lauren drink more coffee. Ralph wants to incorporate Art Rat Studios, quizzes me on 501(c)3 non-profits. Lauren and Alice are ready to take off. Ralph, Andrea and I are ready for breakfast at the Scratch Biscuit Company.


Scratch Biscuit Company

After breakfast we return to Ralph’s house, pack up and load out, Rte220S to I40E to Chapel Hill. North of I40 Andrea’s GPS takes us on a backroads ride. Scenic. Eventually, we rejoin our assigned route. We arrive at the venue around 3pm, a couple of hours early. Nightlight is empty, we walk over to the Mediterranean Deli, Bakery, and Catering. On the way we pass a bed of Arabian Jasmine, smells great.

At the venue, Nightlight in Chapel Hill NC

  Jasminum Sambac is a species of jasmine native to a small region in
  the eastern Himalayas in Bhutan and neighbouring Bangladesh, India
  and Pakistan. It is cultivated in many places, especially across much
  of South and Southeast Asia.
  ~ Wikipedia

We order salads, sit at a table near the window on Franklin Street. Still an hour before the the event starts, Andrea orders an espresso and lemon cake. “Just like in Argentina”, she says.

Mediterranean Deli, Bakery and Catering

Back to the venue, not playing until tomorrow, tonight we’re audience. The lineup for the first night of Savage Weekend –

Webmaster [NC]
Copula [NC]
Somatic [NC]
Tećucigalpan [NC]
Discorporate Voyeur [NC]
Bitchcraft [NY]
Natural Causes [NC]
Mike Geary [NC]
Homeworld [MA]
Actualia [NC]
Mall Prowler [NC]
Chaperone [VA]
Piper Harrow [MO]
King Of Herrings [NC] [NC]
Burnt Hair [FL]
Complaint Band [NC]
Shiner [NC]
Stone Garden Jam Temple [VA]
Jackson-Pratt [NY]
Patrick Gallagher [PA]
Emily Shinada [RI]
Preferred Customer [MN]
Faster Detail [NC]
Sponge Bath [NC]
Chucha [NC]
Floor Model [NC]
Kyle Flanagan [VA]
Sibling [NY]
Leper USA [NY]
Housefire [NC]
Dave Public [RI]
Embarker [PA]
Male Model & Calne Puelco [FL, Puerto Rico]
Yohimbe [VA]
Latrines [NY]
Yureka Cash [PA]
Purism [RI, NY]
Lilumnia [LA]
Pamela & Her Sons [PA]

People, Andrew Chadwick recording

Victoria Shen is here


??? & Andrea

41 bands from NC, NY, RI, FL, MA, VA, MN, MO, LA and Puerto Rico. That covers the east coast plus a couple of outliers. There’re bands, noise acts, electro including industrial, ambient, dark ambient, and techno, and performance. All sorts of people as in men vs women, young vs old and gender expression. All DIY, talented and enthusiastic. The crowd grows as the day wears on, by the evening there a 100+ people milling about. A new set every 15min, non-stop. The 3 sound engineers are fantastic. All the sets have something to say, all are good, not one dud. Towards midnight the crowd thins out a little. It’s a little cooler and it’s all a blur!

Andrea and I leave for Ryan’s house around 2am. We miss the last couple of acts but snag a couple of good sleeping spots. I’m out like a light.

Almost Summer miniTour: Day 4

June 7, 2018

Up early, 7:00am, breakfast, pack up and load out. We’re on the road by 9:00am, Rte22W to I78W to Harrisburg, then south on I81 all the way to Roanoke VA.

Andrea & Barbara

Walters Environmental Services

We arrive around 3pm, in time for a visit to the Taubman Museum. The main exhibition is Reclamation! Pan-African Works from the Beth Rudin Dewoody Collection. Fantastic! Andrea and I spend a good hour in the gallery. The smaller exhibitions that are equally exciting – Notinorder, drawings and sculpture by Joan Tanner; Bay Fall, photographs by Laylah Amatullah Barrayn; Fire on the Mountain: paintings by Genesis Chapman.

Zak Ové, The Upsetters, Queen

Lois Bartlett Tracy, Becoming

Genesis Chapman, Chevron



Olchar & Andrea

We meet Ralph Eaton and Olchar E Lindsann, our hosts, at Alejandro’s for dinner. After dinner we’re off to Art Rat Studios. The lineup for tonight –

Set 1: Lauren Tosswill, voice, delay
Set 2: Robert Imhuman, cassette decks, keyboard, sampler, electronics
Set 3: Olchar E Lindsann, voice
Set 4: Bats From Pogo: Andrea Pensado, voice, laptop; Walter Wright, Board Weevil

Alice, Lauren, Andrea & Art Rat

Andrea in front, Fuzzy Kudzu behind

Lauren’s set

Robert Imhuman

Art Rat Studios

Lauren sets up outside. Her set, another layered monologue, describes her immediate environment. It’s architectural. She turns, perhaps in sync with the delay, from compass point to compass point and describes what she sees and feels. Robert’s set is a dark ambient mix, well suited to the underlying menace in Ralph’s studio of stuffed horribles. Next, Olchar reads one of his poems then launches into a sound improvisation. Terrifiyingly good! Bats From Pogo are set up in front of the “Fuzzy Kudzu” floral archway. Our set is loud, energetic and fun!

We pack up and load out, back to Ralph’s house. Lauren and Alice are also staying with Ralph. We watch a short episode of The Church of Elvis then off to bed around midnight.

Almost Summer miniTour: Day 3

June 6, 2018

Slept in until 9:00am, administrivia, Ben is practicing in his basement studio. I make coffee. Ben comes upstairs, makes another batch of pancakes for breakfast. Andrea joins us, we chat until noon, then pack up, load out. On the road by 2pm, out I76W to I476N to Rte22E, we arrive in Easton around 3:30pm. We stop by Jack’s house, knock on the front door, no answer we head downhill to Book & Puppet. We load in. Andy Laties, our host, is at the Columbian take-out next door, we meet him there, order soup, return to book store to eat our lunch. I buy a book, A Maze of Death by Philip K Dick. “SF Masterwork”, it says on the cover.

Ben’s house

Book & Puppet

I call Jack, he’s home. We head back uphill to Jack’s house. We sort out sleeping arrangements, Andrea is in the attic and I’m in the garage. We visit with Jack and Barbara, Lauren Tosswill arrives with her friend Alice. We’re all here. We uncork a bottle of wine and order pizza. We learn that Alice is a “pure mathematician”, no computers or practical applications. All theory, proofs, written in pencil in notebooks. We have a lively discussion over dinner.

Jack & Barbara

Around 7:00pm we head back downhill to the bookstore. We set up, in the puppet theater, the lineup for tonight –

Set 1: Lauren Tosswill, voice, delay
Set 2: Andy Laties, 6-8′ garden hose; Jack Wright, 2′ garden hose, mouthpiece
Set 3: Bats From Pogo: Andrea Pensado, voice, laptop; Walter Wright, Board Weevil
Set 4: Group Jam (all of the above)


Andrea & Andy


This is Lauren’s first event with Andrea & me, she’ll be along for the rest of the tour. Her set is a propriocentric/meditative monologue that builds using a long-duration digital delay. Jack and Andy are both playing lengths of garden hose. Jack’s are short, about 2’ in length, with a sax mouthpiece; Andy’s is about 6-8’ without a mouthpiece. Our BFP set is rather quiet. We wind down with a short group jam, Andy is playing Shakuhachi, Lauren contact mic. We’re hang out for awhile, chatting with the audience and Andy. We pack up and load out, back to Jack’s. Lauren and Alice go back to Philadelphia. We turn in early, around 11:00pm. It’s a long drive tomorrow.

Almost Summer miniTour: Day 2

June 5, 2018

Jack Fest (or The Third Annual East Coast Free Music Festival)

Slept in until 7:30am, administrivia, Ben out for a run. I make coffee. Ben returns with fresh berries and fennel for pancakes. Andrea appears. We eat breakfast together then Ben takes off for work.

Andrea and I go out for a walk, down through the Laurel Hills Cemetery to the Schuylkill River, along the river trail and under the Rosevelt Bridge. We stop at the Trolley Car Cafe for brunch before returning to Ben’s house. I finish posting yesterday pics, Andrea takes a nap.

Ben’s house

Laurel Hills Cemetery

Laurel Hills Cemetery


Trolley Car Cafe

2pm we head into town, to Jack’s Spring Garden Music House on Spring Garden Street. Ron, Ed and Joel are waking up. Zach is working, Jack is napping. We break out the amps, loosen up, the clamor is enough to wake up Jack who joins in for an hours or so of ‘free music’, followed by a round-table, then off to the Rotunda.

Jack & Ron

Andrea & Ed

Jack & Ron

7:30pm waiting for Toshi, a sextet and 3 quartets –

Set 1: Walter Wright, Board Weevil; Zach Darrup, guitar; Jack Wright, saxes; Joel Kromer, modular synth; Ron Stabinsky, keys
Set 2: Andrea Pensado, voice, laptop; Walter Wright, Board Weevil; Edmond Cho, guitar; Joel Kromer, modular synth
Set 3: Jack Wright, saxes; Zach Darrup, guitar; Evan Lipson, double bass; Ben Bennett, drums, percussion
Set 4: Rob Stabinksy, keys; Matt Tomlinson,bass; Patrick Crossland, trombone; Toshi Makahari, snare drum

Set 1: Walter, Zach, Jack, Joel, Ron video by Kevin Reilly

Set 2: Andrea, Ed, Joel, Walter, video by Kevin Reilly

Set 3: Zach, Ben, Jack, Evan, video by Kevin Reilly

Set 4: Patrick Toshi, Matt, Rob

Toshi didn’t make the first set, it’s a quintet, a loud quintet followed by a loud quartet. Two women in the front row move to the back of the hall. However they recover quickly and return to the front row. Although it’s Tuesday and it’s raining, we have a larger audience, larger than last night. Asimina Chremos is here again, and Loren Groenendaal.

!0:00pm we’re done, back to Ben’s.