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Gigs August, 2017

September 1, 2017

August 4 at Outpost 186, Cambridge MA
Kane Voigt Wright Trio:
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics
John Voigt – upright, electric bass
Walter Wright – drums, percussion

August 5 at ALL Gallery, Lowell MA
Kane Voigt Wright Trio:
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics
John Voigt – upright, electric bass
Walter Wright – drums, percussion

August 6 at Chailey Mansion, Newburyport MA
ensemble inédit ?!:
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Joe Burgio- movement
Matt Samolis, Walter Wright – sound
Kane Fujiwara Wright Trio:
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax
Junko Fujiwara – cello
Walter Wright – drums, percussion

Kane Wright recorded at 114 Grand Street July 12, 2017

July 12, 2017

Pic of Shereen Salem climbing walls.

Kane Wright Duo:
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax
Walter Wright – acoustic drumkit

track 01
track 02

Spring miniTour: Day 10

April 15, 2017

Early day, third in a row, another longish drive to Lowell. Breakfast with Leslie, Zeke, Steve, Bonnie and the two students from Bar Harbor. After breakfast we pack up, load out, on the road. Back out SR 199 to 15 to Bucksport, Rte 1 across the Penobscot River, we pass Fort Knox, not that Fort Knox, south to Belfast to Rte 3. Up and over the hills to Augusta where we rejoin I95, south to Portland ME, to Portsmouth NH, to Massachusetts. I495 over to Lowell and we’re home! Well, I’m home …

We load into The Hearing Room, take our camping gear upstairs, then head out to Beerworks. Christos can’t play tonight, it’s Kane Wright Duo for the last time, on the tour. We’re playing with Eliot Cardinaux and Flin van Hemmen, Matt Samolis and Dei Xhrist, and Geoff Koetsch.

Here’s the lineup –

Gestures: [Boston MA]
Eliot Cardinaux – piano, spoken word
Flin van Hemmen, drums, percussion, cymbals
Xhrishoe: [Boston MA, Manchester NH]
Matt Samolis – flute
DeiX – voice, electronics
Geoff Koetsch – video [Lowell MA]
Kane Wright Duo: [Holyoke, Lowell MA]
Bonnie Kane – flute [Holyoke MA]
Walter Wright – amplified drums, percussion

We set up, Gestures lead off, Geoff, then Matt and Dei and, finally Bonnie and I. Bonnie says she’s finally figured out how to play with my percussion 8^))) Here’s our set –

Here’s a live recording

Here’s a video –

Not a long evening, we hang out for a bit then back to Beerworks for a nightcap, Glenmorangie Single Malt.

Spring miniTour: Day 9

April 14, 2017

We’re up early, again, another longish drive to Penobscot. Bonnie makes coffee, we load out, head south on Rte 232. Beautiful country, still snow covered, small lakes iced over. We skirt the west shore of Lac Temiscouata, joinn TC2 85, continue south into New Brunswick. We turn left at Woodstock, over to the Canada/US border, south on I95 south to Bangor, back east on SR15 to Bucksport, 199 to Penobscot.

Back in the US[S]A

The Cannery

Cannery canneries

We arrive at the Cannery in time for dinner, but first we load in. Leslie Ross is hosting a women’s sewing circle, her partner Zeke Finkelstein is downstairs in his studio, Steve Norton is setting up his horn collection. The sewing circle breaks up. We sit down for dinner.

We set up in the gallery, determine a set list, the audience is already trickling in. Cameras aligned, cell phones off, digital audio recorder on …

Five sets in various combinations –
1) Kane Wright
2) Norton Ross
3) Kane Norton
4) Ross Wright
5) Kane Norton Ross Wright

Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics
Steve Norton – sopranino, bass clarinet, baritone sax
Leslie Ross – bassoon
Walter Wright – amplified drumkit, percussion

The first two sets are fairly short, there’s a brief intermission, next two sets also short, but we stretch out on the last set. Here are the live recordings –

track 01
track 02
track 03
track 04
track 05

Here’s a video of our set –

We return to the living space, several audience members are hanging out. We drink some wine, chat. Around midnight everyone turns in. I’m downstairs in the ‘apartment’.

Spring miniTour: Day 8

April 13, 2017

We’re up early, by 9am, as it’s a longish drive to Rimouski. Bonnie makes coffee. We pack up, load out, and say goodbye to Emilie.


Out Rte 138 to TC 20, under the river to the south side of the St Lawrence, past Trois-Riviere and Victoriaville, past Quebec City, past Riviere-du-Loup. We stop briefly for lunch at Trois-Pistoles. Then on past Parc National du Bic. The St Lawrence is widening out. We turn off on Rte 132 and drive along the shore into Rimouski, to la Maison du Tailleur, our B&B.

Lunch at Trois-Pistoles

la Maison du Tailleur

We unload the camping gear. Also at the B&B, four saxophonists who are on the bill with us tonight. We relax for a bit, then head over to Coop Paradis. We meet Robin Servant the sound man, yes there’s a sound man and a real stage with lighting, the works. We load in, set up. Robin sets mics for recording and for the PA.

Coop Paradis

After the sound check our host, Eric Normand arrives, we hang out for a bit before the show.

Eric Normand, the three students improvisors, Bonnie

The theater

Here’s the program for the evening –

Première partie
Quasar – 4tet de saxophones rencontres
Jean-Marc Bouchard, André Leroux, Marie-Chantale Leclerc, Mathieu Leclerc (saxophones)
Bascaille – trio de percussions
Antoine L-Berger, Olivier Noël et Tom Jacques (percussions)

Deuxième partie
Kane Wright Duo –
Walter Wright (percussions), Bonnie Kane (saxophone, flute, électronique)
Alexandre Robichaud (trompette), Antoine L-Berger (percussion), Gabriel Drapeau (synthesizer)

Here’s our set –

There’s 50-60 people in the audience. After the show many of them stay around to talk. Friendly, relaxed this is a lot of fun! I talk with several of the universite du quebec music students that played with the quartet and with us. They had composed a piece for the quartet but were quite excited to improvise with us, Anglophones who they had never met before.

Packed up

We loaded out then returned to chat with Eric and Robin. Around 12midnight we headed back to the B&B. I went to bed. Bonnie headed off to the kitchen to talk with the saxophonists who had returned with food and wine.

Spring miniTour: Day 7

April 12, 2017

Bonnie is off record a track for Godspeed Black Emperor. Emilie is in her studio. I’m post pics and video to FB and my blog. Around mid afternoon Em and I eat lunch, clear the table, set up the synths and record –

Here’s the live recording.

Emilie Mouchous – handmade Lunetta synthesizer
Walter Wright – PeterB miniSynth

Emilie’s handmade Lunetta synthesizer, tape cassette cover

Emilie in her studio

Spring miniTour: Day 6

April 11, 2017

Up early, morning routine updating the tour log. The weather is very much New England, yesterday 80 degrees and sunny, today 30 degrees, overcast and raw. Breakfast with Matt Lee, then off to The Mardi Spaghetti Marathon at Le Cagibi. We find parking, pay $3 for 45min! We meet Gordon Allen locking up his bike outside the venue. Craig gives us a ticket for a free beer and spaghetti. After the first set we unload a minimum of gear, Bonnie drives off in search of free parking, I return to the venue.

Here’s the complete lineup –

15h00 – Marielle Groven, Aaron Lumley, Elizabeth Millar
15h45 – Elizabeth Lima, Karen Ng, Nicolas Buligan, Lori Freedman
16h30 – Thierry Amar, Craig Pedersen, Liam O’Neill
17h15 – Raphael Foisy, Pierre-Luc Simon, Colin Fisher
18h00 – Walter Wright, Bonnie Kane, Emilie Mouchous, Joane Hetu
18h45 – Vicky Mettler
19h30 – Rainer Wiens, Malcom Goldstein
20h15 – Geraldine Eguiuz, Ian Gibbons, Stephane Diamantakiou
21h00 – Felix Antoine-Hamel, Guy Thouin
21h45 – Nic Caloia, Yves Charuest, Karl Fousek
22h30 – Alex Pelchat, Jean Derome, Michel F Cote, Ida Toninato

We arrive in time to catch the first set: Elizabeth Millar, clarinet, is Craig’s wife and co-host; Marielle Groven, violin; Aaron Luumley, upright bass. Minimal or, as Jack Wright says, reductionist, their playing is crisp, intelligent and empathetic.

Elizabeth Millar, Marielle Groven, Aaron Lumley

Next set: Elizabeth Lima, clarinet; Lori Freeman, clarinet; Nicolas Buligan, trumpet; Karen Ng, sax. Finally, I meet Lori Freeman, a friend of Laiwan Chung, my advisor from Goddard College in 2005. Again minimalist, their set focuses on listening.

Elizabeth Lima, Lori Freeman, Nicolas Buligan, Karen Ng

The first two sets we’re relatively quiet, this set begins to ramp up the volume: Thierry Amar, upright bass; Craig Pedersen, trumpet; Liam O’Neill, drums. Free jazz mode, chasing down a structure in real time, their set redirects energy towards creating a cohesive group sound.

Craig Pedersen, Thierry Amar, Liam O’Neill

Next set: Colin Fisher, alto sax, baritone sax, guitar; Raphael Foisy, upright bass; Pierre-Luc Simon, drums. Colin’s baritone solo was amazing, Raphael’s energy contagious, Pierre-Luc’ drums knit the whole thing together. Quite the trio!

Colin Fisher, Raphael Foisy, Pierre-Luc Simon

Time for our set: Bonnie Kane, tenor sax; Joane Hetu, tenor sax; Emilie Mouchous, handmade Lunetta synthesizer; Walter Wright – drums. Can’t say much about this set, i was stuck in the corner behind Emilie. However I was excited to play with Joane. For years I’ve followed her various projects: Les Poules, Wonderbras, Justine, etc.

Joane Hetu and Emilie Mouchous

Next set: Vicky Mettler, solo guitar and lots of pedals. Loops over loops, some vocals, a dense tapestry constructed in real-time. A pleasing change from the larger groups.

Vicky Mettler

From solo to a duo: Malcom Goldstein, violin; Rainer Wiens, mbira(s), guitar. As one gets older one can also get better, these two are examples. Tightly woven, but relaxed, they play together seamlessly.

Malcom Goldstein and Rainer Wiens

From duo to a trio: Stephane Diamantakiou, upright bass; Geraldine Eguiluz, mbira, whistles, voice; Ian Gibbons, cello. A very interesting set mixing improvisation with traditional music and instrumentation.

Stephane Diamantakiou, Geraldine Eguiluz, Ian Gibbons

Next set: Felix Antoine-Hamel, ???; Guy Thouin, ???

??? and ???

Only the second set featuring an audio synthesizer: Yves Charuest – alto sax; Karl Fousek, modular synth; Nic Caloia (???), upright bass. Very excited to hear another synth player in the mix. The set built over time, and an interesting conversation between instruments emerged!

Yves Charuest, Karl Fousek, Nic Caloia (???)

Final set of the Marathon: Alex Pelchat, guitar; Ida Toninato, baritone sax; Jean Derome, alto sax; Michel F Cote, drums. One final blast of energy, amazing duo between the two horns. Alex right behind them, pushing them, Michel’s drums, a very interesting kit, knitting the whole together. Great end to great event!

Alex Pelchat, Ida Toninato, Jean Derome, Michel F Cote

From the get-go, all sets were outstanding, minimal/reductionist to full throttle skronk. A number upright bass players, minimal electronics, lots of acoustic instruments. Twenty-one men, eleven women, young and old. Since this runs from 3-6pm or 15h00-23h00, the audience is constantly changing. There 10-15 people their for the early sets, 25-30 people in the evening. People come and go, I would estimate 50-60 people overall. And a lot of them were musicians, playing and not playing. Quite the community of improvisers!

Spring miniTour: Day 5

April 10, 2017

Sleep in, spend the rest of the morning editing audio and pics, posting to FB and my blog. It’s a beautiful, warm day. At noon we head across town to Craig’s, load into Craig’s living room.. Craig carefully mics our setups, we record! Around 4pm Thierry arrives, sets up, we record some more.

Craig at the computer

Craig at work

Mic’d up

All of this goes to Craig’s computer, he will be editing over the next few weeks, can’t wait to hear the results 8^)))

Thierry Amar – contrebasse
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electroniques
Craig Pedersen – trompette
Walter Wright – batterie amplifié

Thierry goes back to work

Greek restaurant

Thierry goes back to work around 6pm, we pack up then walk to the Greek restaurant around the corner. After dinner we load out, back across town to Hochelaga.

Spring miniTour: Day 4

April 9, 2017

Up early, processing audio files and pics, updating FB and my blog. Nice weather and a nice walk down rue Ontario Est, breakfast at La Belle Place. Back to Emilie’s, checking out the neighbourhood (Canadian spelling).

Emilie’s apartment

La Belle Place

Hochelaga, graffiti for Skot

Off to Ottawa, too much gear to fit in Emilie’s car. Bonnie takes the gear and drives alone to Ottawa. I ride with Emilie. We listen to Black Sabbath and T-Rex on her tape player. We arrive at the venue shortly before Bonnie. We go for coffee. Across the street we see Craig, Ky, her boyfriend and her dog. Linsey Wellman arrives, opens up, we load in.

Ky, Bonnie and Emilie

The venue

Lot’s of people playing tonight (see below). I set up both the electronics and the drumkit. The PeterB miniSynth for a duo with Emilie, the drumkit for playing with Bonnie.

Around 7pm Jane Wright and Ballentine Vesuna arrive, ex-wife and daughter, somehow Jane and Safina, as noted and grand daughter, have persuaded Ballentine to drive into Ottawa. This is unusual. Safina arrives with a couple of friends. Ky’s dad and step-mother arrive. It’s family night at IMOO!

Craig, Linsey and I decide on a lineup. Five sets, various combinations –
1) Emilie and Walter
2) Ky and Linsey
3) Bonnie and Walter
4) Bonnie, Craig and Walter
5) Grace, Bonnie, Emilie, Craig, Linsey, Walter

Ky Brooks – voice [2,5]
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics [3-5]
Emilie Mouchous – electroniques [2,5]
Craig Pedersen – trumpet [4,5]
Linsey Wellman – sax [2,5]
Walter Wright – electronics [1], amplified drumkit [3-5]

Good solid evening, good crowd, several were at my first IMOO show 8 years ago. I enjoy playing with Emilie. Ky’s duo with Linsey and our trio with Craig were outstanding. Got a chance to talk with Jane, Ballentine and Safina between sets. They had a good time, enjoyed the music. The room was jumping. We ended with the IMOO Big Band!

Here are some recordings –
set 1)
set 3)
set 4)
set 5)

Here are some videos –



Bonnie, Emilie, Craig and Linsey

Hung out for bit after the show, loaded out. Stopped for falafel before hitting the road. Emilie is staying in Ottawa for a couple of days, new job at Diamon! Bonnie and I head back to Montreal, arrive at 1:30am, a long day.

Spring miniTour: Day 3

April 8, 2017

We’re up reasonably early, coffee and more coffee. We load out, head out. North on I87 past Albany NY, up the eastern side of the Adirondacks, up the western side of Lake Champlain. We stop in Plattsburgh at Gus’ Diner for a late lunch.

Bonnie and Matt

Gus’ Diner

There’s a long, long line of cars waiting to enter Canada, a 30min wait. We are sent to Custom for inspection, another 45min wait while the Customs agents unpack and repack the van. They find nothing of interest, clear to go, Rte 15 N to Montreal.

Pont Jacque-Cartier

We arrive at Casa Obscura at 7pm. Craig and Emilie are already there and set up. Bernard and Emilie have vintage Korg synths, can’t wait for their set, but Craig is first, here’s the lineup –

Pedersen Thierry Duo: [Montreal QC]
Craig Pedersen – trompette
Thierry Amar – contrebasse
Gagnon Mouchous Vandal Trio: [Montreal QC]
Bernard Gagnon & Emilie Mouchous – electroniques
Philippe Vandal – sax
Kane Wright Duo:
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electroniques
Walter Wright – batterie amplifié

track 01

Bernard, Phillippe and Emilie

A great show, great venue. We load out, over to Emilie’s. After unloading and securing the van, I unpack my PeterB miniSynth. Emilie and I setup on the kitchen table and jam until 3am.

Emilie’s handmade Lunetta synth & my PeterB miniSynth