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Painting #3652

March 11, 2019

painting #3652

Painting #3652 is the last ‘painting a day.” The end of the series of 3,652 paintings, one a day, for 10 years, from 2009 through 2019. Ten times three hundred and sixty-five plus two for leap years, 2012 and 2016.

I started the series as an experiment, to ex-tend my practice.

So what did I learn? Well, I learned not to waste time thinking about whether the painting was good, bad or indifferent. Cranking out a “painting a day” puts limits on the process … and, I think, that’s a good thing. I stopped worrying about the good, bad or indifferent. That is, I stopped listening to that critic inside my head and painted … digitally. Looking back on the work as I went along I began to see the screen/surface in new ways. Forget the rules of composition, forget color theory. The paintings began to organize themselves based on the capabilities of the software, Studio Artist. Choosing brushes came naturally. Color choices were determined by the process, which was to use older paintings as source images. Sort of evolutionary.

So what am I going to do with 3,652 digital paintings. The plan is the exhibit them in the Fall of 2019 at UnchARTed Gallery. There will be 10 stations – video monitors, digital picture frames, small projections. One station per year. Each station re-presenting one year, randomly showing one-after-the-other all the year’s paintings. Subliminally, I will include directives to “buy or die” and hopefully come away with a small fortune, or not.

Painting #3651

March 10, 2019

painting #3651

Painting #3650

March 9, 2019

painting #3650

Painting #3649

March 8, 2019

painting #3649

Painting #3648

March 7, 2019

painting #3648

Painting #3647

March 6, 2019

painting #3647

Painting #3646

March 5, 2019

painting #3646

Painting #3645

March 4, 2019

painting #3645

Painting #3644

March 3, 2019

painting #3744

Painting #3643

March 2, 2019

painting #3643