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w2 recorded February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017


AVSynth, now in a single 104hp rack, includes – (3) Mikrophonies, (1) Mr GRASSI, (1) SWOOP, (1) FOURSES, (1) SPROTT, a couple of multiples, (1) Jones’ Sync Stripper, (1) Ardcore, (1) Jones’ MVIP.


The patch is straightforward, a Mikrophonie controls video gain and Bounds in FOURSES oscillator 3, Mr GRASSI controls bounds on SWOOP, bounds on FOURSES, and HP and LP filters on SPROTT, the (4) FOURSES outputs are patched to the (4) SPROTT inputs. Video In is patched to the Jones’ SS and Vertical Drive out to the Ardcore Clock In. Ardcore Trigger Outs are patched to Jones’ MVIP Hue 1 and 2 in, and the DAC outs to BitSwap In and Mode In.

AVSynth Phase 4, recorded directly to my MacBook Pro, audio and video.

Clip 01

Clip 02

Egregoros recorded January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017

Christos Koulendros – modular synth, audio mix
Walter Wright – AVSynth, video mix


Something different, rehearsing for a gig at AS220, using the AVSynth, I’m on the left, video from laptop is processed using the AVSynth and output to the monitor, for the gig we will use a projector. My audio is passed to Christos who mixes our sound together and outputs to his powered speakers.

Recorded on my camcorder, off the monitor, quality not so good.

Egregoros at UnchARTed Gallery, October 22, 2016

October 22, 2016

christos10MFDJr, Christos and Josh

Christos Koulendros – all things modular
Josh Tracy – voice, electronics
Michael F Dailey Jr and Walter Wright – drums, percussion
Godless America, Goon Planet, Suicide Attempt, This is Not Okay

Here’s a video –

Gigs September, 2016

September 30, 2016

Downtown First Thursday
September 1 on Middlesex Canal, Lowell MA
Sound Installation
Rick Breault – drone; Joe Brown – drone; Michael F Dailey Jr – in car vocals; Stephanie Marie Germaine – in car vocals, radio; Bill T Miller – drone; Edward Sears Read – drone; Walter Wright – drone, field recordings, AVSynth

September 1 at 110 Canal Gallery, Lowell MA
Video Installation
Lowell: Canals, Sockhop, Appleton Mills; 2012 (11min)
Lowell: Riverwalk; 2014 (12min)
Fall 2015; 2015 (12min)
AVSynth; 2016 (11min)

September 2 at The Hearing Room, Lowell MA
Christos Koulendros – all things analogue
Walter Wright – drums, percussion

September 4 at Third Life Studios, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!:
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Kristiana Hubley, Ofri Rieger, Andrea Rios – movement
John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound

September 13 at Hopewell Creative Arts Studio, Hopewell NJ
2 Wrights {don’t make a wrong!}:
Zach Darrup – guitar
Jack Wright – reeds
Walter Wright – AVSynth, audio only

Open Jam
September 14 at Spring Garden Music, Philadelphia PA
Ben Bennett – percussion
Zach Darrup – guitar
Jack Wright – reeds
Walter Wright – AVSynth

High Zero Festival of Improvised Music
September 15 at The Theatre Project, Baltimore MD
Group 4:
Eames Armstrong – electronics, movement
Jenny Moon Tucker – tenor, alto sax
Zachary Watkins – guitar
Walter Wright – AVSynth, audio & video

September 16 at The Theatre Project, Baltimore MD
Group 3:
Asimina Chremos – movement
Samuel Burt – daxophone, bass clarinet
Maria Usted – sound art
Noelle Tolbert – movement
Walter Wright – AVSynth, audio only

September 17 at The Theatre Project, Baltimore MD
Duo 4:
Bushmeat Sound System – electronics
Walter Wright – drums

Elka Bong Tour
Elka Bong:
Al Margolis – clarinet, viola, contact mics, objects
Walter Wright – drums, electronics, AVSynth

September 19 @ Art Rat Studios, Roanoke VA
September 20 @ Black Iris Gallery, Richmond VA
September 21 @ Nightlight, Chapel Hill NC
September 22 @ Tua Lingua, N Charleston SC
September 23 @ Superfun, Gainesville FL
September 24 @ Rain Dogs, Jacksonville FL
September 27 @ Audiotheque, Miami Beach FL
September 28 @ The Bunker, Tampa Bay FL
September 29 @ Eyedrum, Atlanta GA
September 30 @ Southside Studio, Chattanooga TN

Fall Tour 2016: Day 8

September 20, 2016

I sleep ’til 9am, finally catching up, Al and Ralph are already on their second, or third, cup of coffee, Ralph heads in to work at Taubmann Museum, installing a new exhibition. I work for a couple hours updating blog entries, no internet, no hope of posting. This may be a good thing! By noon we’re ready to leave –


Navigate through Roanoke to Rte 460 E, through Lynchburg to Appomattox where we stop at Granny Bee’s for lunch. Continue on Rte 460 to 360 to the ring road and up to Broad Street. Down Broad Street through the west end and into the city, VCU keeps expanding, seems to occupy blocks and blocks. We pass the makings of a new Institute of Contemporary Art, also VCU. Across Belvedere to The Black Iris Gallery, load in, set up. Benjamin Thorp gives a tour. Tommy shows up, we go for dinner, return to find Pam Turner with several students from Kinetic Imaging waiting 8^)))

Lineup for tonight –

Ting Ting Jahe:
Tommy Birchett – laptop, video
Will O’Donavan – Boardweevil, electronics
Ben Scott – laptop
Elka Bong


20160920_falltour03Black Iris Gallery

20160920_falltour06Walter’s setup

20160920_falltour07Al’s setup

20160920_falltour08The gallery

Ting Ting Jahe, a chewy ginger candy, lead off. Good set, interesting textures, a touch of Boardweevil, and with video on a nice industrial-looking cube monitor. Tonight I set up stage right, project across to the left side wall, swapping video cables I get a good clear image, at least clearer than projecting on ‘fuzzy kudzu,’ allows me to work on the video processing. A good set, and I remember to turn on the recorder, sound file here.

I ask if there are any questions, there are, so I spent some time explaining the AVSynth, a couple of people actually sit down and experiment. We pack up, the curator, Benjamin Thorpe, writes us a very nice note, “Al and Walter, you were amazing! Thank you for creating such beauty in a world so full of undoing. You’re part of our extended family now and that extends to your friends.“ Tommy, Will, David, Al and I have a beer in the ’Tiny Bar.” We follow Tommy to his house, we have the studio for the night.

Fall Tour 2016: Day 5

September 17, 2016

I’m up early, coffee with Sue, quick update to the blog, head downtown at 11am. I’m in the afternoon lineup, all duos –

Noelle Tolbert – movement
Zachary Watkins – guitar, electronics
CK Barlow – samples, iPad
Ruby Fulton – trumpet, violin
Jimmy Joe Roche – modular synth
Jenny Moon Tucker – saxophones
Thomas Stanley – electronics
Walter Wright – drums
Tom Boran – modular synth, video performance
Eames Armstrong – electronics, performance
Samuel Burt – daxophone
Layne Garrett – prepared guitar


20160917_falltour05Setting up

20160917_falltour10Jimmy Joe Roche’s modular

20160917_falltour16Dr Thomas Stanley

20160917_falltour15My kit

20160917_falltour19Tom’s modular

20160917_falltour20Eames and Tom, on the monitor

Dinner with Asimina Chremos, Rob Kopki. Back to the theater, tonight’s lineup –

Nonoko Yoshida – solo saxophone
Owen Gardner – cello
Anne-F Jaques – motors, objects, contact mics
Laura Ortman – violin
Rosie Langabeer – prepared pianos
Eames Armstrong – electronics, performance, pomegranate
John Berndt – saxophones, electronics
Jimmy Joe Roche – voice, modular synth, performance, basketball
Maia Urstad – soundscapes
Liew Niyamkarn – electronics, objects
Hanna Olivegren – voice
Noelle Tolbert – movement
Jeff Carey – laptop, DIY controller, strobe lights
Marshall Trammell – drums
Jenny Moon Tucker – saxophones
Marta Zapparoli – tape recorders

The night begins with a solo, interesting discussion about solo improvisation with a fellow audience member, Nonoko’s solo seems a little of both improvised and precomposed, it is nonetheless very enjoyable. Set 1 includes Anne-F, Owen, Laura and Rosie. Anne-F and Laura are both amplified, Laura’s amp is onstage. Owen plays behind, underneath and not-too-loud. Rosie’s prepared piano is often lost in the mix. A good set, however, as noted, some of the detail was lost. Set 2 has the potential to escalate into chaos, it includes Eames, John, Jimmy Joe and Maia. Jimmy Joe has been tuning up for hours. John sets up on a mirror that reflects the stage light back up onto the scrim, he is playing saxophones tonight. Jimmy Joe is wearing ‘distressed’ makeup, someone tosses him a basketball that he stuffs under his shirt. Eames and Maia seem stoic. The set progresses, Maia, again, provides sonic underpinning, John provides accents, Eames is again roaming, then Jimmy Joe retrieves the basketball, driibbles center stage. Eames produces a pomegranate, joins Jimmy Joe, they play catch. The basketball wins, the pomegranate lies splattered stage left, the sound peaks, the performance resolves, the performers come back down to earth, well done! Set 3 with Liew, Hanna and Noelle is a nice contrast, Noelle echos the high energy of the previous set as she criss-crosses the floor. The contrast between Liew’s found-object-samples and Hanna’s voice evoke feelings that play well with Noelle’s movement. Set 4 comes with a warning, there will be strobe lights, many strobe lights, 4 banks of strobe lights. The set includes Jeff, Marshall, Jenny Moon and Marta. The strobes are Jeff’s, a bank downstage aimed back at the performers, 2 banks stage left and right aimed at the back scrim, 1 bank behind the performers aimed directly at the audience. The set begin in complete darkness and silence, the strobes behind the performers light up for perhaps 30sec, the sound hits a full-volume, Jeff and Marshall are quite loud, Jenny Moon is hanging in there, playing both saxophones simultaneously helps, Marta is often buried. However the sound and lights vary in amplitude, building and ebbing, tension and release. The side banks of strobe light produce some fascinating images on the back scrim, ‘cubism’ in real-time as we see the performers silhouettes from multiple viewpoints. This is a loud set, not a set a that invites one into the performance space but instead seems to extend that space out in the theater, it’s confrontational, a challenging conclusion to the evening and the three days of programming …

20160917_falltour23Noelle, Eames, ???, Jeff, John, Natasha, Maia

20160917_falltour24Maia and Hanna

20160917_falltour25Liew and Noelle

There’s a after party, with free beer and DJs. No more sets so I pack up, back to Meg’s at 2am, find a parking spot, load in, exhausted.

Fall Tour 2016: Day 3

September 15, 2016

Pack up, leave Philly, head down I95 to Baltimore. It’s cooled off, a nice day.


I detour around Baltimore on I695, come in on I83 to the 28th Street exit. I arrive at Meg Rorison’s house, it’s on the east edge of Charles Village off 28th Street. Much easier than the route suggested by Google.

I unload my personal gear, chat with Meg, then drive down to The Theatre Project, and check in at HIgh Zero. Jeff Carey is there, Andrew Bernstein is there, Bonnie Jones is there, Paul Neidhardt is there, and lot’s people who I don’t know, yet. I get an ID card, free pass and dinner. I unload, set up, then store my table behind the curtain behind the stage.



Dinner with Bonnie Jones, Maia Urstad, Marta Zipparoli. Back to the theater, tonight’s lineup –

Maia Urstad – solo field recordings, electronics
Laura Ortman – violin, electronics
Marshall Trammell – percussion
Nonoko Yoshida – sax
Tom Boram – modular synth
Asimina Chremos – movement, video
Anne-F Jaques – motors, objects
Marta Zipparoli – reel-to-reel tape recorders
John Berndt – clarinet, ???
Jeff Carey – laptop, DIY interface
Ruby Fulton – trumpet, violin
Liew Niyomkarn – electronics, objects
Eames Armstrong – electronics, movement, performance
Jenny Moon Tucker – saxophones, electronics
Zachary Warren – guitar, electronics
Walter Wright – AVSynth

A long night, our set started close to midnight. Maia’s solo is a great opener. The first set with Nonoko, Laura and Marshall is full of energy. The second has some nice contrasts between the sustained sounds of Anne-F and Marta, as opposed to Tom’s furtiveness, and Asimina is, as usual, in control of the space. She projects video of her performance fro High Zero 2007 on the curtain behind the stage, on the ceiling and walls of the theater, on herself. The third set features John’s unusual instrument, it appears to be small, tuned slats of wood set into a large wood base, the slats are struck and the sound looped. It is a good contrast to Jeff’s all-over-the-place sounds. Ruby adds cohesion, and Liew reinforces Jeff. Our set, the fourth set, is loud. Zachary and I have similar sounds, Eames roams the stage while Jenny provides cohesion, and there’s video.





I arrive back at Meg’s at 1am, circle to find a parking spot, then crash.

Video Installation, September 1, 2016

September 1, 2016


First Thursday Video Installation
September 1, 2016
110 Canal Street, Lowell MA

Lowell: Canals, Sockhop, Appleton Mills; 2012 (11min)
Audio: Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics; Chris Welcome – guitar; Walter Wright – Boardweevil
Video: Walter Wright
Recorded along the Western Canal, North Common, the Sockhop in Back Central, Swamp Locks, and in and around Appleton Mills. The sound is a mix of the recorded sound and a track from Apocalypso recorded at 119 Gallery. Edited in Premiere.

Lowell: Riverwalk; 2014 (12min)
Audio & Video: Walter Wright
Recorded along the Merrimack and Concord Rivers. The sound is a mix of the recorded sound. Edited in Premiere.

Fall 2015; 2015 (12min)
Audio & Video: Walter Wright
Recording in Livermore Falls, ME and Deer Isle, ME. The sound is a mix of the recorded sound. Edited in Premiere.
AVSynth; 2016 (11min)
Audio & Video: Walter Wright
This is a recording, off the monitor, of my AVSynth (Audio Visual Synthesizer), which generates both the sound and the image in real time.

Downtown Lowell First Thursday

AVSynth mix10, recorded July 27, 2016

August 14, 2016

Experimenting with audio visual composition. Original video divided into (10) 2min clips, this is clip03 ‘overlayed’ on clip02 using Adobe Premiere.

WARNING: Youtube and compression have ‘mushed out’ a lot of detail.

AVSynth mix07, recorded July 27, 2016

August 11, 2016

Experimenting with audio visual composition. Original video divided into (10) 2min clips, this is clip08 ‘overlayed’ on clip01 using Adobe Premiere.

WARNING: Youtube and compression have ‘mushed out’ a lot of detail.