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w2 recorded January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

Two videos, a short one and a long one, that use a Processing sketch I’m developing for my PROJEKTOR module, sound from my AVSynth.

03:49 min:sec
30:50 min:sec


LOS CONDENADOS recorded November 16, 2017

November 16, 2017


Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Chris Strunk – drums, percussion
Walter Wright – Boardweevil

Live recordings by Bonnie at Jeanie Johnston Pub, Jamaica Plain, MA

AVSynth: Geometry recorded June 7, 2017

June 7, 2017


The latest from the AVSynth using Projektor, a Processing sketch, as input.

Geometry is a b& w Processing sketch using only circles, squares, vertical bars and horizontal lines. On each frame, these simple ‘shapes’ will be drawn randomly, or not. The size and position of the shapes is also random, as are the fade and frame rate. Color and effects are added by the Jones’ MVIP.


Sound is generated by using PeterB’s SWOOP, FOURSES and SPROTT modules.

Both sound and video are touch-controlled using a Mikrophonie module and PeterB’s Mr GRASSI.

All done in real-time, no edits.

Projektor: Chailey Mansion March, 2017 v2

May 31, 2017


A second version of the “film”, still working on the Processing sketch. A better recording, getting there!

Projektor: Chailey Mansion March, 2017

May 5, 2017


Projektor is a Processing sketch, thinking of developing it as module for the AVSynth. Actually, each film will be a separate sketch, played back in real-time.

This video was recorded off my computer screen, not ideal, when the screen goes black you can see my workbench 8^)))

w2 recorded February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017


AVSynth, now in a single 104hp rack, includes – (3) Mikrophonies, (1) Mr GRASSI, (1) SWOOP, (1) FOURSES, (1) SPROTT, a couple of multiples, (1) Jones’ Sync Stripper, (1) Ardcore, (1) Jones’ MVIP.


The patch is straightforward, a Mikrophonie controls video gain and Bounds in FOURSES oscillator 3, Mr GRASSI controls bounds on SWOOP, bounds on FOURSES, and HP and LP filters on SPROTT, the (4) FOURSES outputs are patched to the (4) SPROTT inputs. Video In is patched to the Jones’ SS and Vertical Drive out to the Ardcore Clock In. Ardcore Trigger Outs are patched to Jones’ MVIP Hue 1 and 2 in, and the DAC outs to BitSwap In and Mode In.

AVSynth Phase 4, recorded directly to my MacBook Pro, audio and video.

Clip 01

Clip 02

Egregoros recorded January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017

Christos Koulendros – modular synth, audio mix
Walter Wright – AVSynth, video mix


Something different, rehearsing for a gig at AS220, using the AVSynth, I’m on the left, video from laptop is processed using the AVSynth and output to the monitor, for the gig we will use a projector. My audio is passed to Christos who mixes our sound together and outputs to his powered speakers.

Recorded on my camcorder, off the monitor, quality not so good.

Egregoros at UnchARTed Gallery, October 22, 2016

October 22, 2016

christos10MFDJr, Christos and Josh

Christos Koulendros – all things modular
Josh Tracy – voice, electronics
Michael F Dailey Jr and Walter Wright – drums, percussion
Godless America, Goon Planet, Suicide Attempt, This is Not Okay

Here’s a video –

Video Installation, September 1, 2016

September 1, 2016


First Thursday Video Installation
September 1, 2016
110 Canal Street, Lowell MA

Lowell: Canals, Sockhop, Appleton Mills; 2012 (11min)
Audio: Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics; Chris Welcome – guitar; Walter Wright – Boardweevil
Video: Walter Wright
Recorded along the Western Canal, North Common, the Sockhop in Back Central, Swamp Locks, and in and around Appleton Mills. The sound is a mix of the recorded sound and a track from Apocalypso recorded at 119 Gallery. Edited in Premiere.

Lowell: Riverwalk; 2014 (12min)
Audio & Video: Walter Wright
Recorded along the Merrimack and Concord Rivers. The sound is a mix of the recorded sound. Edited in Premiere.

Fall 2015; 2015 (12min)
Audio & Video: Walter Wright
Recording in Livermore Falls, ME and Deer Isle, ME. The sound is a mix of the recorded sound. Edited in Premiere.
AVSynth; 2016 (11min)
Audio & Video: Walter Wright
This is a recording, off the monitor, of my AVSynth (Audio Visual Synthesizer), which generates both the sound and the image in real time.

Downtown Lowell First Thursday

AVSynth mix10, recorded July 27, 2016

August 14, 2016

Experimenting with audio visual composition. Original video divided into (10) 2min clips, this is clip03 ‘overlayed’ on clip02 using Adobe Premiere.

WARNING: Youtube and compression have ‘mushed out’ a lot of detail.