00:06 min:sec
00:18 min:sec
00:30 min:sec
00:42 min:sec
00:54 min:sec
01:06 min:sec
01:18 min:sec

01:30 min:sec
01:42 min:sec
01:54 min:sec
What do I see and hear?

We know that the horizontal bars relate to the sound, in particular the waveforms generated by the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generators and the Doepfer Voltage Controlled Oscillators. The lower the pitch the wider the bar, and the higher the pitch the narrower the bar. We also know that the contouring of the image is controlled by the BitSwap setting, and pixelation by the Mode setting, both on the Jone’s MVIP.

In this clip the sound is more chaotic than in previous clips, switching quickly between high and low frequencies [1]. Clusters of narrow bars appear then disappear along with bursts of higher frequency sound. Underlying these bursts are low frequency drones and wider bars.

Looking down the thumbnails, I see a various shapes, colors, and image processing effects. The shapes and effects are familiar. The colors however have taken off, quite a palette: from hard edged oranges and golds; soft yellows, blues and greens; metallic silvers and blues mixed with light brown bars. The colors shift throughout the clip without a direct relationship to the sound [2].

[1] As the original improv developed, I introduced more sounds and frequencies.
[2] There are 2 color controls on the MVIP. I am changing these manually throughout the clip, moving between settings. How they work is something of a mystery to me. So, for now, I will simply note various characteristics and combinations.

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