00:06 min:sec
00:18 min:sec
00:30 min:sec
00:42 min:sec
00:54 min:sec
01:06 min:sec
01:18 min:sec
01:30 min:sec
01:42 min:sec
01:54 min:sec
What do I see and hear?

I’m hearing two tones, one high and one low. The low tone corresponds to the wider bars running through the image and the high tones to the narrow bars that appear to riding on top of the wider bars. The image itself is made of amorphous, contoured shapes. There’s a variety of color but certain colors seem to appear together – blue, gold,and magenta; green and yellow; blue and pink. Looking at still frames there’re a number of combinations but, when moving, blue seems to dominate, at least for the first 15 sec, then green with orange and red take over [1].

The same high and low tones continue. The image develops a sort of metallic surface, not seem in the individual frames [2].

Around 40 sec the tones begin to hop around, the image responds as the wide bars jump with the pitch changes. Then, around 50 sec, both sound and image settle into a pattern. This pattern continues but begins to move up and down in the lower frequency range. The images are similar as are the visual effects. The frames that are all blue, in particular the wide bars that are both blue and tan, may contribute to the metallic sheen. The pattern is slows down.

At 1 min 30 sec the oscillators take off, i’m hearing higher frequencies but i’m not seeing a response in the image [ 3]. Although when the midrange enters I do see narrower bars. By 1 min 50 sec the narrow bars return, at points venetian-blinding the frame.

[1] The grouping of colors is determined by the two color controls on the MVIP. I have to do a little more research to determine exactly how this happens, will update when I have the answers.

[2] Again this is the result of persistence of vision coupled with the field rate, two fields interlace to create a frame.

[3] Perhaps the first time I’ve notice this. Follow the audio portion of the patch diagram, you will notice that the sound passes through a couple of additional modules including a Serge Ring Modulator and a Serge Voltage Controlled Filter. The high frequency is being generated by one or other of these two modules thus effecting only the audio. The video control signals come from the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator(s) and the two Doepfer Voltage Controlled Oscillators.

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