00:06 min:sec

00:18 min:sec

00:30 min:sec

00:42 min:sec

00:54 min:sec

01:06 min:sec

01:18 min:sec

01:30 min:sec

01:42 min:sec

01:54 min:sec
What do I see and hear?

The horizontal bars are quite familiar [1]. They follow the oscillators as they jump octaves, low tones producing wider bars, high tones narrow bars. The colors are somewhat muted, tan and gold with green and cyan highlights alternating with blue and grey.

The contouring effect works with the bars, sometimes matching the width of the bars and at other times going its own way.

Around 20 sec in, there’s a purple flash, then the sound and the image settle down. The sound stops jumping around and the bars stabilize and move slowly from the bottom to the top of the frame.

The oscillators are in tune. The color palette remains constant.

1 min 20 sec in the colors begin to shift, blue shifts to green, tan and gold brighten to yellow. Reds appear. The whole palette has shifted. Higher tones return and the image breaks into horizontal lines.


[1] The Doepfer VCOs work well with vertical sync, VSync. The MVIP responds to multiples of 60 Hz producing horizontal bars: a single horizontal bar at 1 x VSync, two bars at 2 x VSync, 300 bars at 300 x VSync. That’s 18,000 Hz, near the upper limits of the audio range. Vertical bars require higher frequency oscillator.

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