00:06 min:sec

00:18 min:sec

00:30 min:sec

00:42 min:sec

00:54 min:sec

01:06 min:sec

01:18 min:sec

01:30 min:sec

01:42 min:sec

01:54 min:sec
What do I see and hear?

The sound skips along, high frequency pulses and narrow bars. The predominant color is a pinkish red with a few yellow and green bars thrown in.

15 sec in the pulses slow down, new colors and patterns emerge, contours broaden.

30 sec in the focus softens, blues appear, a few frames appear pixellated. Pulses alternate between fast and slow as the more and more frames become pixellated. Reds and browns reappear.

60 sec in the octave shifts return, then settle down to a repetitive pattern. Contours are back along with blues and purples.

1 min 45 sec the sound pulses, shifts octaves, then fades.

The sound on this clip is very active. It skips, pulses, and bounces around. The link between the sound and the images is clear. The high frequency pulses produce clusters of narrow bars that disappear immediately as the sound cuts off. The rhythms set up by the sound pulses become visual, a direct, one to one, correspondence between sound and visual phrasing [1].

[1] Visual phrasing is an odd term, I prefer the term gesture. Whichever, phrasing or gesture, the concept is an important attribute of the overall design or composition of non-narrative film and video.

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