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Gigs December, 2017

December 14, 2017

December 3 at Third Life Studios, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!:
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Bianca Beneduzi, Katerine Gagnon, Kristiana Hubley, Charlotte Wagner – movement
Scott Getchell, John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound

December 10 at UnchARTed, Lowell MA
KFW Trio:
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics
Junko Fujiwara – e-cello
Walter Wright – drums, percussion
Marc Bisson, Michael F Dailey Jr

Fall miniTour
December 11 at Jack’s House, Easton PA
December 12 at Little Amps Coffee Roasters, Harrisburg PA
December 13 at ???, Baltimore MD
December 14 at ???, Harrisonburg VA
The Temporarily Unmentionables:
Zach Darrup – guitar
Jack Wright – saxes
Walter Wright – PeterB miniSynth, video
Patrick Crossland – trombone
Matt Tomlinson – bass, objects

December 16 at The Hearing Room, Lowell MA
Christos Koulendros – ???
Heather Noecker – guitar
Walter Wright – drums, percussion
What My Dear?
Walter Wright – Boardweevil
Mitch Ahern – voice, e-Harrow
Dei Xhrist – voice
Germaine – solo electronics
Bill T Miller [Orgy of Noise] – solo modular synthesizer

December 19 at 114 Grand St, Lowell MA
Christos Koulendros – ???
Heather Noecker – guitar
Walter Wright – drums, percussion
Open rehearsal, all welcome!


Fall Tour 2017: Day 3

December 13, 2017

Up early, well sorta’ early. Expresso with Jack then work on the trip log. It’s still cold, to be expected but not welcome. Zach appears, I join him in a spontaneous percussion duo. We pack up and load out. Drop in at Little Amps to say goodbye, head downtown to Midtown Scholar Bookstore. Impressive but there’s Christmas music …


We browse for awhile, then backtrack a couple of blocks, there’s an Edsel in the used car lot, to the Vietnamese Garden for lunch.

After lunch, back on I83 south, I follow Jack and Zach to Baltimore. We wend our way through one-way streets to Normal’s Books and Records. Jack is dropping off copies of his book, Zach and I peruse the shelves. Two bookstores in one day.

Around 5pm we head over to the venue on Buena Vista Avenue S in the newest, kitschiest section of Baltimore. No one home, we backtrack to 36th Street, check out a record store and, next door, an interesting bookstore with a curated selection of contemporary books, reasonably priced, a good crowd in the store. Three bookstores in one day!

Then a beer at De Kliene Duivel, “Belgian beer and spirits offered in a spartan-chic bar with a neighborhood vibe.” Back on 36th Street to the Mount Everest Nepalese Restaurant for lamb saag curry. It’s time to head back to the venue.

The lineup was “… a tornado of magic ripping improvised joy!”

Plake 64 and the Hexagrams
Dan Conrad – flute
Jenny Moon Tucker – sax, percussion, objects
Pony – modified guitar, theremin
??? – violin
Juliana Comcast – movement
Zach Darrup – guitar
Jack Wright – saxophones
Walter Wright – electronics),
Patrick Crossland – trombone
Twig Harper – electronics

Good crowd, 4 separate sets, tons of equipment all crowded into a very, very small space. Young and enthusiastic people. We played 3rd, the audience stacked up in front of us, lots of eye contact, some dancing. If it had been the Red Room they would have all been sitting, looking serious (it’s art you know!) and stroking their chins.


It’s snowing, the street were aglaze, skating rinks, My car was ’round the corner and downhill, took 3 tries make it back up the hill to load out. We follow Patrick to his house south of Baltimore where, luckily, the roads are clear.

We turn in around 1:00am.

Painting #3199

December 13, 2017

painting #3199

Fall Tour 2017: Day 2

December 12, 2017

Up early, coffee and scrambled eggs. Uploaded photos and updated my blog. Around 11am we packed up and loaded out, I followed Jack in to Philly, US22 to I476 to I76, to the Spring Garden Music House to pick up Zach.

Spring Garden Music House

A great little book

Lunch, fish on toast. Found a great little book.

Around 3pm we’re back on I76 heading west to Harrisburg. My rent-a-car is beeping, it’s 0 degrees Centigrade and I need gas. I stop just outside Harrisburg, gas up, turn on Google Maps. Surprise Google maps takes me north, the venue is south, and west to I81, past Harrisburg. Finally it turns me around, I arrive at Little Amps at 6:30pm. Jack and Zach, who were ahead of me on the highway, are not there yet, they arrive at 7:00pm. The mapping program had taken me around a giant traffic jam, good job!

Little Amps Coffee Roasters

The coffee roaster

First set

Second set

The crowd

Looks like we will have a good crowd despite the cold, and it’s cold, and windy. There are two bands before us, we play last. It’s a rocker.

Harrisburg PA

We pack up, load out then head down the block to Andy and Erica’s house. It’s still early around 9pm, we watch a Netflix documentary on Pygmies. Andy arrives then heads back out for beer. We all sit around and chat then turn in for the night.

Fall Tour 2017: Day 1

December 11, 2017

A late Fall miniTour
The Temporarily Unmentionables:
Zach Darrup – guitar
Jack Wright – sax
Walter Wright – PeterB miniSynth, video
folks along the way

Packed up


The new Tappen Zee Bridge

Drive from my house in Lowell MA to Jack’s house in Easton PA. Pick up my rent-a-car, load out and i’m on my way by 10:30am. Google tells me the shortest, fastest route is out the MassPike, down I84 to Hartford, I91 to CT15 south to Westchester, I287 across the new Tappen Zee Bridge around New York City to I78, and finally NJ22 to Easton. With one stop for coffee and a second for gas, I arrive at Jack’s at 3:30pm.

I unload my gear, we chat for a bit. I set up my gear in the basement recording studio, Jack and I play for an hour before dinner. Barbara has made vegetable soup with potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, and currents with apple cranberry crumble for dessert. It’s all delicious!

My setup

Jack’s setup


Edmond and Jack

Joel Kromer and Edmond Cho arrive at 8:00pm, we head back down to the basement for a second recording session. Both Joel and Edmond play guitar. We play for over an hour then listen back. It’s a good session, new sounds 8^)))

Jack and I have a late night snack then off to bed.

Painting #3196

December 10, 2017

painting #3196

w2 recorded December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017

Quite a run of recordings, working with the PeterB miniSynth, preparing for a short tour next week with Jack and Zach. Doing some ‘real-time’ patching. Again, track 1 pulled left and track 2 right. Mixed in Audacity.


w2 recorded December 7, 2017

December 7, 2017

PeterB miniSynth, 2 tracks, the first pushed left, the second right, varying the patch.


w2 recorded December 5, 2017

December 5, 2017

PeterB miniSynth, 2 tracks, the first pushed left, the second right, slightly different patch.


w2 recorded December 3, 2017

December 3, 2017

PeterB miniSynth, 2 tracks, the first pushed left, the second right. Getting used to the patch, new sounds keep ‘popping up’.