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w2 recorded January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

Two videos, a short one and a long one, that use a Processing sketch I’m developing for my PROJEKTOR module, sound from my AVSynth.

03:49 min:sec
30:50 min:sec


Signal Culture Residency: Day 6

October 25, 2017

Habitually up early, coffee, scrambled eggs!

Quote of the day –

“Good morning boring art!”
~ Nam June Paik

Spent the morning on administrivia including email, messages, updating my blog, etc. I’m still processing videos from the day before yesterday, compressing to H.264 takes hours and hours.

Al Margolis

At 11:30am Al Margolis arrives. We tour the facility, a full house, Charlotte Clermont is in the Artists’ Studio, Hank Rudolph and Matt are in the Research/living and dining room. We return to the Toolmakers’ Studio and set up to record a couple tracks as ELKA BONG: Al Margolis – viola, objects, contact mics; Walter Wright – AVSynth –

track 01
track 02

We toured around this time last Fall, the first time the AVSynth went ‘on the road’. Looking forward to touring again soon with the enhanced rig and Processing sketches.

At 1:30pm we go for lunch at the Taqueria, after lunch a short walk along the river, then back to the studio. Al packs up, heads back down Rte17 to Chester.

North Street Re ords

North Street

Taqueria on Front Street

Deck overlooking the Susquehanna River

I ate a whole burrito!


I’m still processing video, sorting audio files. Listening back. Success, the AVSynth looks and sounds great!

Signal Culture Residency: Day 4

October 23, 2017

Up early, coffee, scrambled eggs!

Started downloading video from last night, takes awhile. Spent the morning on administrivia including email, messages, updating my blog, etc. A routine developing?

After lunch more Projektor sketches, b&w, input to the AVSynth –

– 170605a circles, squares, vertical bars, and horizontal lines
– 170622a Lowell mills, the same images as used in the crossfade
– 170916a Ben Hersey, the same images as used in the color sketch

A new setup, the AVSynth is now ‘in the loop’.

Click for larger image

I named the first sketch ‘Geometry’, 2-D shapes, and some neat timing. This sketch and the ‘Leaves’ video loop work well with the Jones’ MVIP. The shapes change color as they fade. The vertical bars contrast with the horizontal bars generated by the AVSynth.

In this patch the Mikrophonie module controls the Brightness on the MVIP, and the 2 SWOOP modules control Hue 1 and Hue 2. I can match the ‘speed’ of the animation using the 2 SWOOPs, the low frequency oscillator in FOURSES, the Chaos output of the SPROTT, and/or the oscillator on the DENUM module. Some of these can be set directly, by ‘knob-twiddling’, others are more random.

I spend some time tweaking the second sketch, adding layers and, of course, a flicker. Again color and effects change as the images fade.

The third sketch, a portrait of Ben Hersey, just works. Not a finished piece, it’s more of an idea …

Tonight I turn in early, around 1am, I’ll record these sketches tomorrow.

Signal Culture Residency: Day 3

October 22, 2017

Up early, coffee and scrambled eggs!

Downloaded video from last night, not so good, reshoot. A little discouraging, the good news is that the sketches are working well, the bad news is the quality of the recordings. I’ve narrowed it down to the HDMI > video converter, will look into an upgrade when I get home.

Spent the morning on administrivia including email, messages, updating my blog, etc.

Quote of the day –

“Video artists showed up at ETC. Nam June came up quite often; he would stay with Sherry and me. Woody and Steina Vasulka would come up from New York, and Walter Wright was sort of an artist in residence for a long time.”
~ Ralph Hocking in Binghamton Babylon: Voices From The Cinema Department 1967-1977

After lunch, more Projektor sketches, a series using images from a print by Jan Johnson –

– 170621b that explores crossfades, images the mills in Lowell MA
– 170708a uses images from Jan’s print, explores motion, crossfade and flicker
– 170725a uses images from Jan’s print, Brakhage-like
– 170809a uses images from Jan’s print, explores duration and fade
– 170820a uses images from Jan’s print, explores keying
– 170914a a portrait of Ben Hersey!

I started with the Lowell mills crossfade sketch yesterday but was unable to get a good recording. My first attempt at crossfading, written as a test for ideas that I wanted to use with the images from Jan’s print.

The first of four sketches using images from Jan’s print. I’m attempting to animate the images in a manner analogous to the printing process. Animation implies movement, and the printing process implies layering. And I added a flicker, see the video. Tweaking the code, timing, etc.

I have alway admired Stan Brakhage’s hand-painted films. This next sketch is Brakhage-like. I’m using b&w images, posterized using only 2 levels. I copy the images to the a buffer using random positioning, offset +or- 50 pixels in horizontal and vertical, adding color as a tint, and modifying the buffer using a couple of blend effects LIGHTEST and EXCLUSION. Kept the flicker 8^)))

Up to this point I’ve used frame rate to control speed. This doesn’t allow for an image to fade, it remains on-screen until the next refresh. Setting duration or the number of frames until the next image is drawn, allows fades. Processing is ‘picky’ about fading, this being yet another example …

The last, for the moment, of sketches using images from Jan’s prints. Like the Brakhage-like sketch this one uses b&w posterized images and 5 color images – black, blue, red, yellow, white. The color Jan used in her print.

Here’s something different, a portrait of Ben Hersey using an image from his website. I’m experimenting with color controls.

At 11pm, after a long day, I fire up the rescan monitor and record.

Mills 01

Mills 02

Jan 01


Jan 03

Jan 04

Jan 05

Jan 06

Jan 07

Jan 08

Ben 01

Ben 02

[Note added 10/30/2017] Something ‘amiss’, recording quality leaves much to be desired! As documents, still worth posting. When I have figured a better recording method I will re-record and re-post these videos.

AVSynth: Geometry recorded June 9, 2017

June 10, 2017


AVSynth using Projektor, a Processing sketch, as input, take 2.

Geometry is a b& w Processing sketch using only circles, squares, vertical bars and horizontal lines. On each frame, these simple ‘shapes’ will be drawn randomly, or not. The size and position of the shapes is also random, as are the fade and frame rate. Color and effects are added by the Jones’ MVIP.


Sound is generated by using PeterB’s SWOOP, FOURSES and SPROTT modules.

Both sound and video are touch-controlled using a Mikrophonie module and PeterB’s Mr GRASSI.

All done in real-time, no edits.

Projektor: Chailey Mansion March, 2017

May 5, 2017


Projektor is a Processing sketch, thinking of developing it as module for the AVSynth. Actually, each film will be a separate sketch, played back in real-time.

This video was recorded off my computer screen, not ideal, when the screen goes black you can see my workbench 8^)))

w2 recorded February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017


AVSynth, now in a single 104hp rack, includes – (3) Mikrophonies, (1) Mr GRASSI, (1) SWOOP, (1) FOURSES, (1) SPROTT, a couple of multiples, (1) Jones’ Sync Stripper, (1) Ardcore, (1) Jones’ MVIP.


The patch is straightforward, a Mikrophonie controls video gain and Bounds in FOURSES oscillator 3, Mr GRASSI controls bounds on SWOOP, bounds on FOURSES, and HP and LP filters on SPROTT, the (4) FOURSES outputs are patched to the (4) SPROTT inputs. Video In is patched to the Jones’ SS and Vertical Drive out to the Ardcore Clock In. Ardcore Trigger Outs are patched to Jones’ MVIP Hue 1 and 2 in, and the DAC outs to BitSwap In and Mode In.

AVSynth Phase 4, recorded directly to my MacBook Pro, audio and video.

Clip 01

Clip 02

Egregoros recorded January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017

Christos Koulendros – modular synth, audio mix
Walter Wright – AVSynth, video mix


Something different, rehearsing for a gig at AS220, using the AVSynth, I’m on the left, video from laptop is processed using the AVSynth and output to the monitor, for the gig we will use a projector. My audio is passed to Christos who mixes our sound together and outputs to his powered speakers.

Recorded on my camcorder, off the monitor, quality not so good.

AVSynth mix10, recorded July 27, 2016

August 14, 2016

Experimenting with audio visual composition. Original video divided into (10) 2min clips, this is clip03 ‘overlayed’ on clip02 using Adobe Premiere.

WARNING: Youtube and compression have ‘mushed out’ a lot of detail.

AVSynth mix09, recorded July 27, 2016

August 13, 2016

Experimenting with audio visual composition. Original video divided into (10) 2min clips, this is clip10 ‘overlayed’ on clip01 using Adobe Premiere.

WARNING: Youtube and compression have ‘mushed out’ a lot of detail.