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w2 recorded April 21, 2018

April 21, 2018




Geometry 5, a new Processing sketch, uses gradients that take advantage of the Jones’ MVIP. Basically the same patch that I’ve used for the last two months.

Egregoros recorded April 18, 2018

April 18, 2018

Christos Koulendros – modular synth
Walter Wright – AVSynth

Two PeterB modulars and video, rehearsing for Performance Lab. New setup, long score, exploring the interaction between the two synths. Video runs independently, although patterns and phrases in both audio and video are similar. This, I believe, creates a richer, perhaps more challenging, experience for the viewer.

track 01

Spring miniTour 2018: April Fools’ Day

April 1, 2018

Up relatively early, Mary Ann, Al and I search of a diner, end up at Tavern On The Square. Mary has a Mimosa, all set for the day.

We meet meet at UnchARTed at 2pm, load in. Christos shows up with his family – Leiba, Clara and Xander – and a rack of PeterB modules.

This afternoon’s lineup –

2:30pm – Dailey Koulendros Duo
3:00pm – DeiX
3:30pm – Elka Bong with Christos Koulendros

Michael F Dailey Jr

Christos Koulendros

track 01 – MFDJr and Christos
track 02 – Dei
track 03 – Elka Bong and Christos

Michael plays a tin pail, rocks and a microphone, Christos plays his modular, an energetic duo, literally (or litter-ally) bouncing off the walls. Dei sings. Christos joins Elka Bong for the last set of the tour, and it’s a good one. We load out, Xander helps with my PA. Dei and Al head home, as do Mary Ann and me.

Spring miniTour 2018: Day 9

March 31, 2018

Up at the not-really-but-it-seems-like-it crack of dawn. Dawn, for the first time in several days, there’s sun! Stow away the sleeping gear, coffee. I make breakfast – more coffee, scrambled eggs with red onions and cheese, fresh asparagus. Dei has an online meeting. Al and I pack and repack the car, off by 11am.

Morning coffee


Off by 11am, backroads to I84, traffic is light all the way to Hartford CT, which is, as usual, slow going. However it lightens up, we cruise to Massachusetts border, I90 to I290 to I495, we’re back in Lowell by 3pm. Dei takes off for Boston. I take a shower, and change clothes. Mary Ann cooks a delicious dinner.

Back into Al’s car, we drive into Somerville, to Washington Street Arts, load in and set up.

Washington Street Arts

Emilio, Jesse & Michael

Tonite’s lineup –

8:30pm – ensemble inédit ?!
9:00pm – DeiX
9:30pm – Elka Bong

It’s a good night, friend’s in the audience including Michael Rosenstein and Jessie Kenas Collins, our hosts, Victoria Shen, Lani Smith, and Dr T. ensemble inédit ?! impresses, the score complex yet coherent, Dei solid, and Elka Bong challenging.

We load out. Al, Mary Ann, Joe and I stop for nachos and beer. Michelle joins us, like old times. We leave Joe and Michelle at Christopher’s and head home. In bed by midnight.

Spring miniTour 2018: Day 8

March 30, 2018

Our last full day in Chester, after breakfast and book keeping, off to Enterprise in Harriman, swapping cars. Enterprise is happy to see a nice new Nissan. I’m unhappy as I may incur an extra charge for going point to point. Back to Al’s, more book keeping, editing and posting sound files.

Mid afternoon we chase the mailman around the cul de sacs that make up Al’s neighborhood, a nice square house, a big, solidly built dog, gurgling storm sewer drains, back to Al’s.

Square house

Dei takes a nap. Deb makes dinner, veggie stew, fresh asparagus, salad, off to Brooklyn, out Rte 17 to Rte 6 over Bear Mountain to the Palisades Parkway, George Washington Bridge to RFK formerly known as the Triborough Bridge to the BQE. The venue has moved from The Glove to 603^, a third floor apartment above the Silent Barn, we arrive an hour early!

A short wait, we load in. It’s cozy as in small and friendly. Our host, Clark Hamel starts moving furniture around, we set up at one end of the living room/kitchen/performance space, Tongue Depressor at the other. Audience drifts in, various sorta’ house mates drift in and out. Clark, Jack from TD, and Josh from the audience are from Bard College. Josh came to 119 Gallery once, he come to see me 8^)))



Tonite’s lineup –

10:00pm – Tongue Depressor
10:30pm – DeiX
11:00pm – Elka Bong

Tongue Depressor


Great sets, a small, appreciative audience, we hang out until midnight, load out, back to Chester, in bed at 2am.

Spring miniTour 2018: Day 4

March 26, 2018

I’m up at 7am, coffee with Ballentine who is off to work. Bal leaves, Zal appears, starts working on breakfast, eventually Al and Dei appear. Al and Zal talk business and politics, Dei and I break out our computers. Once online I’m able to check in with Mary Ann.

Spend an hour or more answering email and updating my blog. Shortly before noon we head out for brunch with Zal, Bal and Safina at Pressed as in, sandwiches.

Bal & Daisy



Bal & Safina

After brunch we say goodbye, hop on 417E back to Montreal. We creep along Rte 40E to boul Saint-Laurent. Time to walk around, for dinner at Aux Vivre, and a beer at Dieu Du Ciel before a show at La Sala Rossa, two esses, with –

Sound of the Mountain:
Elizabeth Millar – clarinet, objects, mics
Craig Pedersen – trumpet, mics, lights
Anoush Moazzeni – prepared piano, robotic devices

La Sala Rossa

Anoush’s piano

A very, very good show, great sound, nice venue. We stayed after the show and talked with Anoush, Craig and Elizabeth, then dropped Dei at Alex’s and headed over to Emilie’s. Talked with Em until 1:30am before calling it a day (a good day).

Spring minTour 2018: Day 3

March 25, 2018

Up late, we roust Em then walk to La Belle Place where we meet Alex & Dei.

Back to Em’s, we pack up, off to Ottawa, Rte 40 across town stop & go, eventually we’re clear of the city. 417N to Ottawa. We arrive in time for dinner. park at the venue, ??? street is coffee houses end to end. Dei spots a pub, beer, local, and oysters from Nova Scotia. Back to the venue, a large garage behind the house at 5 Fairmont St, home of IMOO [Improvising Musicians Of Ottawa].


Em’s stair

Dei orders oysters

Ballentine, Safina and Paul are already there. We load in, tonight’s lineup –

8:00pm – Accordion Conspiracy
9:00pm – DeiX
9:30pm – Elka Bong

Safina has invited 4 friends, they’re all sitting together in the last row. Maybe thirty people in the audience. Accordion Conspiracy play first, eclectic. A short intermission, we set up. Dei is in story-telling mode. Smaller space, smaller crowd, a broader dynamic range, and a big white wall for video. Elka Bong plays a good set.

Safina & friends

Bal’s house

We hang out for a bit, load out and follow Ballentine home, we turn in, it’s 11pm.

Spring miniTour 2018: Day 2

March 24, 2018

We hit the road at 10am, Lowell to Montreal, Rte3 to Manchester NH to pick up Deidre. I93 to I89 to Burlington VT where we stop for lunch. From Burlington to the Canadian border where we stop for Customs & Immigration.

Marc Bisson

DeiX packing up

Welcome to VT

DeiX at Junior’s, Burlington VT

They wave us in, questions for Dei about trying to bring a taser into Canada. Cleared, up Rte 133 to 10 and across the Champlain Bridge. We miss the turnoff to downtown, detour back through the downtown, past McGill U, up Avenue du Parc, over to St Laurent, and we arrive at Brasserie Beaubien early.

Alex and Matt arrive at 6:30pm followed by a trickle of musicians, in total 20+ will be playing with Ensemble Habitant. We set up for a rehearsal. Dinner break, tonight’s lineup is –

  9:00pm – Ensemble Habitant
    recorder score by Matt Robidoux
  9:30pm – Michel Meunier – solo electronics, plumbing
10:30pm – DeiX – pocket opera
10:00pm – Ensemble Habitant
    “Ear Score”, Hildegard Westerkamp led by Eric Lewis
    a graphic score by Matt Robidoux
11:00pm – Elka Bong – noise & video

Brasserie Beaubien, Montreal QC

David Dugas Dion

The flute/recorder score is performed on the sidewalk outside the venue. We play either B or F, two ‘continuous’ tones. It’s cold, after 15min we single-file indoors, still playing, lining up the length of the venue, and end. Next up Michel Meunier, Dei, the Ensemble encore and, finally, Elka Bong. Great venue, dive bar ‘surrealiste’.

Michel Meunier

Dei Xhrist


Michel and Dei complemented each other. The sound engineer did a great job with Dei. The ensemble was very, very good, playing well and ending ‘on a dime’. Elka Bong wrapped it up!

We hang out for a bit, load out, drop Dei at Alex’s, stop for pizza at 1:00am, Al & I crash at Emilie’s.

Spring miniTour 2018: Day 1

March 23, 2018

An early Spring miniTour

ELKA BONG: [Chester NY, Lowell MA]
Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, objects, contact mics
Walter Wright – AVSynth
Dei Xhrist – voice, electronics
Alex Pelchat, Matt Robidoux and many, many more!

9am pick the rent-a-car, drive to pick up Al. I make it all the way to Chester NY before my phone’s mapping app fails, “can’t find a route to your destination from here.” Circling briefly until I recognize a couple of landmarks, I make it Al’s house. Lunch with Al and Deb, then back in the car.. Unfortunately it’s Friday, traffic sucks on I84. Takes almost twice as long to get back to Lowell, we arrive home at 7pm, show at OK House at 8pm, luckily only a couple of block away.

We arrive at the venue in plenty of time, load in. Deidre is already there, set up, ready to go. House residents and ex students Alexandra, Vicky, Steph, Liv, Rachel and Justin are gathered in the kitchen. A nice venue, sort of a livingroom/large den at the back of the house. High ceiling, couches, plenty of space, a good crowd.

Dei Xhrist

Alexandra Derderian

Vicky Belakhov

The room

The room

The lineup is –

  8:30pm – DeiX
  9:00pm – Wild Painting
  9:30pm – Tiki Drinks
10:00pm – Daisybones
10:30pm – Elka Bong


Everything goes according to plan, more people arrive as the evening goes on, we have a full house for our set! It was a good set, unfortunately no recording. We hang out for a bit, load out, and are home by midnight.

Gigs February, 2018

February 28, 2018

February 8 at 114 Grand St, Lowell MA
Christos Koulendros – saz
Walter Wright – drums, percussion

February 11 at Third Life Studio, Somerville MA
ensemble inédit ?!
Joe Burgio – artistic director
Bianca Beneduzi, Katerine Gagnon, Lizzie ??? – movement
Emilio Gonzolez, Christos Koulendros, John Voigt, Walter Wright – sound

February 22 at 114 Grand St, Lowell MA
Christos Koulendros –
Walter Wright – drums, percussion

XFest Massachusetts 2018
February 23-25 at HASSLE HQ/Community Art Center, Dorchester MA
Friday February 23
DJ: Robo Rob
MC: Tooky
Video: Katherine Liberovskaya, Christopher Konopka, Walter Wright

  8:00pm Hey Exit, Psychedelic Snakeskin, CASAS, Heather Downing, Crescent Malavet
  8:30pm Lure, Michael Peters, Al Margolis, Chris Strunk, Asimina Chremos
  9:00pm Slippy, Michael Barrett, Kristen Stake, Mitchelka, Layne Garrett
  9:30pm Andrew Neumann Lou Bunk, Jeffrey Young, Frank Turek, Duane Ingalls
10:00pm Curt Haworth, Caroline DeCunz, Stella Silbert, Kevin Dacey, Joe Brown, Anna Fortune
10:30pm Joe Burgio, Em Kaldenbaugh, Bonnie Kane Sean Saman, Angela Sawyer, Crank Sturgeon
11:00pm Shogo Haraguchi, Ophra Wolf, Neil Horsky, Alex Derderian
11:30pm Craig Chin, Liam Kramer-White, Max Hamel, Ras Moshe Burnett
12:00am Dave Grollman, Nico Tracey, id m theft able, Steve Norton, Hiroshi Mehata
12:30am Anthony Levin-Decanini, Tara Toms, Robin Meeker-Cummings, Scott Prato
  1:00am Alex Pelchat, Joe Mygan, Steph Germaine, Ian Kovac

Saturday February 24
12:00pm Performance in the Main Gallery By MƏˈTÄNƏMĒ COLLƏCTIVE

12:00pm Exploding Songs workshop by EarthsEdgeArts.
  1:00pm Interpretive Art Game by Music as a Second Language.
  2:00pm Cyborgish Collage hosted by Asimina Chremos.
  4:00pm XFest Past, Present & Future hosted by Steph Germaine.

DJ: Robo Rob
MC: Sneff
Video: Katherine Liberovskaya, Jonas Bers, Walter Wright, Christopher Konopka, Victoria Shen

  7:00pm Kat Dobbins, Nico Tracy, Nick Rocco, Chris Strunk, Lee Martin, Duane Ingalls
  7:30pm Lure, Heather Downing, CASAS, Anna Fortune, Liam Kramer-White, Dr T
  8:00pm Curt Haworth, David Johnston, Shogo Haraguchi, id m theft able, Alex Derderian, Psychedelic Snakeskin
  8:30pm Andrew Neumann, Michael Barrett, Em Kaldenbaugh, Kristen Stake, Crank Sturgeon
  9:00pm Ophra Wolf, Federico Balducci, Asimina Chremos, Steve Norton, Michael Peters, Kevin Dacey
  9:30pm Al Margolis, Sam Potrykus, Hey Exit, Max Hamel, Joe Burgio
10:00pm Neil Horsky, Sean Saman, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, Anthony Levin-Decanini , Joe Mygan
10:30pm Crescent Malavet, Craig Chin, Robin Meeker-Cummings, Jada Yvette, Ian Kovac
11:00pm Mitchelka, Matt Azevedo, Angela Sawyer, Dave Grollman, Scott Mizrachi
11:30pm Scott Prato, Frank Turek, Slippy, Joe Brown, Tara Toms
12:00am Bonnie Kane, Ras Moshe Burnett, Em Kaldenbaugh, Hiroshi Mehata, Alex Pelchat

Sunday February 25
MC: Alaina
DJ: Mickey O’Hara

12:00p Tough Day Tubing with Asimina Chremos
12:30p Max Hamel, Ras Moshe Burnett, Victoria Shen, Opfra Wolf
  1:00p Bonnie Kane
  1:30p EMU
  2:00p EarthsEdge
  2:30p Jazz Massagers
  3:00p Peace Loving
  3:30p Arty $lang
  4:00p A campbell payne
  4:30p Gaiamamoo
  5:00p Redux
  5:30p Bird Consent

February 27 at 114 Grand St, Lowell MA
Christos Koulendros – accordion
Walter Wright – drums, percussion