Painting #1866

April 20, 2014

painting #1866

Painting #1865

April 19, 2014

painting #1865

Gigs, April 2014

April 19, 2014

April 11 @ Spotty Dog, Hudson NY
Tough Day Tubing: [NY MA]
Crank Sturgeon – violin, guitar, contact mics, voice
Al Margolis – viola, clarinet, alto clarinet
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics
Walter Wright – drums

April 12 @ Opensound, Somerville MA
The Young And The Restless: [Lowell, Westfield MA]
Ada Lee Kohl – keys
Walter Wright – drums
Ben Hersey, FOOM, Egg Eggs!

April 22 @ Cheap Seats, Cambridge MA
LOS CONDENADOS: [Boston, Lowell]
Chris Strunk – drums
Jules Vasylenko – bamboozle
Walter Wright – electronics

… and coming up in May and June

May 15 @ Washington St Arts, Somerville MA
LOS CONDENADOS: [Boston, Lowell]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Chris Strunk – drums
Jules Vasylenko – bamboozle
Walter Wright – electronics
Stephanie Lak – voice, cassettes, electronics

May 16 – 22 Lak Wright Duo East Breeze miniTour
Stephanie Lak – voice, cassettes, electronics
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
May 16 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA, with Andrea Pensado and Ben Bennett, Jack Wright, Chill City Icon
May 17 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA, recording
May 18 @ My Place Pizza, Poughkeepsie NY, with Al Margolis and Jonas Behrs, Mat Luczak
May 19 @ WUML 91.5FM Lowell, on Live From The Fallout Shelter with Steve Norton
May 20 @ Washington St Arts, Somerville MA, with Michael Rosenstein and Wei Zhongle
May 21 @ Popcorn Noir, Easthampton MA, with Jen Gelineau and Wei Zhongle
May 22 @ Whitehaus Family Record, Jamaica Plain MA, with Steve Norton and Wei Zhongle

May 24 -25 Tough Day Tubing miniTour
Crank Sturgeon – voice, guitar, violin, contact mics
Al Margolis – violin, clarinet, alto clarinet
Steve Norton – reeds of all kinds
Walter Wright – drums
May 24 @ ???, Montreal QC
May 25 @ IMOO, Ottawa ON

June 14 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA

June 29 @ The Armory, Somerville MA
Cage Variations III with 100 musicians, for Lou Cohen.


April 18, 2014

For the past several weeks, Ryan Baker’s Fiasco has worked on Game Scores. Last night Ryan, dei, Lee and I played Hockey -

Players A B C and D each chose 5 primary sounds and 3 reserve sounds. Players are divided into 2 teams – A B vs C D. When several players are active – duos, trios and quartets – one player has the “puck” or lead. Players on the same team may pass the puck back and forth. Players on the opposing team may “check” the player with the puck.

Focus of the composition should be the “ordering” of the sound events, the group “klangfarbe” or tone color, the use of different tensions, and silences. The main concern is not so much with how things sound, as with how things work.

Player A signals the “downbeat” to start the score –

A B vs C D opening includes everyone, then solos, duos and trios.

B vs C
C D vs A
D vs B
A B vs C
A vs D
C D vs B
C vs A
A B vs D

A B vs C D closing “coda”

Offside: When primary sounds are no longer enough to sustain “play”, a player may add a reserve sound. Once added, continue to use the sound.

Icing: When adding a reserve sound is not sufficient, a short solo by any player may be performed.

Checking: Opposing players can “check” the player with the puck using one of their primary sounds.

Penalties: If a player makes a mistake and produces an unintended sound, s/he remains silent for a minute or longer.

The score is bracketed by 2 quartets, and includes 4 trios, 4 duos, and 4 solos. A total of 14 events lasting 1 – 2 minutes each produces a run time of approx 20 minutes per “period”, or 60 minutes per “game”, each game having 3 periods.

Painting #1864

April 18, 2014

painting #1864

Painting #1863

April 17, 2014

painting #1863

Painting #1862

April 16, 2014

painting #1862

Painting #1861

April 15, 2014

painting #1861

Performance Setups

April 14, 2014

This is the setup for electronics with Lak Wright Duo and LOS CONDENADOS. It’s simple, straightforward. Various devices including a Board Weevil, Depth Charge Gamelan, Lo-fi Speaker Mic or Boogle Blargh, and a contact mic plug into the volume pedal. Its output goes directly into an amp. I have 2 amps, a small VOX and a large Peavy bass amp nicknamed “The Intimidator”.

The Board Weevil is made by Bugbrand. The rest of the electronics are available from Crank Sturgeon.

This is my acoustic kit – drums for Tough Day Tubing and The Young & The Restless. There are 2 drums – a snare and a floor tom, and 1 crash cymbal. Minimal.

I often combine both setups with Lak Wright Duo, O-AM and Bats From Pogo. So I’m working on an electroacoustic setup …

It’s a start. Again sparse, there are 2 drums – a “snare”, beater only, no resonator or snare, and a tom that’s a bass drum. A contact mic is taped to the snare and input to the “Simulated Malfunctioning Tape Delay Thing” built by my friend Keith Meiere. The output of the SMTDT goes directly into an amp.

This setup is a little tricky, or perhaps finicky. I’m learning what works and what doesn’t.

Painting #1860

April 14, 2014

painting #1860


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