Painting #1994

August 26, 2014

painting #1994

Gigs, August 2014

August 26, 2014

August 2 at 119 Gallery
Bats From Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA]
Bewitched aka Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Bothered aka Walter Wright – electron eeks, purr cushion
Bemildred aka Stephanie Lak – all manner ‘o Steph Stuph
Humminbird aka Muyassar Kurdi, Cave Crickets, John Glancy, Morning Arms, No One And The Somebodies, Patrick Shaughnessy, Abdul H Sherzai, FISTinc., Egg, Eggs!, Angela Sawyer, Ted Nuygent, LAK

August 17 – 23 Lak Wright Duo Swimminghole miniTour
Stephanie Lak – audio paraphernalia
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
August 17 @ Upstate Artists Guild, Albany NY with Al Margolis
August 18 @ New City Galerie, Burlington VT
August 19 @ Café Résonance, Montreal QC with Emilie Mouchous
August 20 Travel day
August 21 @ my nephew Paul's, Fredericton NB with Maisie, Shea & Mally
August 22 @ Frantasia, Livermore Falls ME with Marc Bisson, Jenifer Gelineau, Andrea Pensado
August 23 @ Frantasia, Livermore Falls ME with Marc Bisson, flandrew fleisenberg, Jenifer Gelineau

And coming up in September …

September 5 at Cuisine en Locale, Somerville MA
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Chris Strunk – drums
Jules Vasylenko – Bamboozle
Walter Wright – electron-eeks

Painting #1993

August 25, 2014

painting #1993

Painting #1992

August 24, 2014

painting #1992

Painting #1991

August 23, 2014

painting #1991

Lak Wright Duo Summer Swim miniTour, August 2014

August 23, 2014

Lak Wright Duo:
Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics, cassettes, traffic cone
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
Al Margolis, Emilie Mouchous, Maisie, Seamus, Mally, Andrea Pensado, Jenifer Gelineau

Aug 17 @ ASAC (at UAG), Albany NY
Aug 18 @ New City Galerie, Burlington VT
Aug 19 @ Café Résonance, Montreal QC
Aug 20 Travel day
Aug 21 @ My cousin Paul’s, Fredericton NB
Aug 22 @ Frantasia, Livermore Falls ME
Aug 23 @ Frantasia, Livermore Falls ME

Tour poster by Steph

Sunday August 17 ASAC (at UAG), Albany NY
That’s Albany Sonic Arts Collective at Upstate Artists Guild.

Late start, stop’n go traffic on I495 and I90, clears out after I84. Vacationers heading home. We arrive at Kitty’s at 6pm, dinner at the Indian Food Truck, off to Albany. Back on schedule we arrive UAG [Upstate Artists Guild] in time to load in. Parashi plays first, we’re second -

Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – violin, electronics, voice; Walter Wright – amplified drum kit, video with Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, sampler.

Here’s our set.

Monday August 18 New City Galerie, Burlington VT
On the road from Hudson NY to Burlington VT I see 100 Dollar Stores, at least 50, okay 25, a lot of Dollar Stores. Dollar Stores HQ is in Alabama. Why are they a dime a dozen in NE?

We stop at MassMoCA. I have pictures to prove it, will add them soon.

We arrive early in Burlington. In time to walk up and down Church Street, have dinner and a beer, then another beer. The gallery is a second floor space, the event is run by Friends & Family. It’s a good lineup, 4 sets starting at 9:30pm -

Bad Smell: ??? – keyboards, electronics; Jane Boxall – drums
Amelia Devoid – solo electronics
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – violin, electronics, voice; Walter Wright – electronics, video
Jovian’s Witness – solo electronics

I didn’t record. We load out around midnight, convoy north to Milton behind Jane’s jeep. Stay overnight.

Tuesday August 19 Café Résonance, Montreal QC
Jane & I are up early, Steph a little later. Since we’re less than an hour from the border we dawdle along Rte 7, stop to replace headlight bulb, stop for coffee and postcards. Eventually we head for the border, no problem, waved through, off to Montreal.

We arrive early, park the car on Avenue du Parc, two blocks from the venue. Late lunch at a middle eastern restaurant with the Health Inspector. Walk around the neighbourhood, shop for more postcards, an hour in Parc Jeanne-Mance opposite Mont-Royal, back to the venue. A great space, very friendly. We eat dinner, Alex arrives, Emilie arrives, 3 sets starting 10:00pm -

WABI-SABI #6: Soirée spéciale de magie sonore au Café Résonance avec

L’attaque sonore visqueuse de
GoddardxPelchat (membres de Skin Tone, Public Transit, Shining Wizard, Drøm Før Du Dør)
L’expérience unique de
Buffalo MRI
The confusing universe of
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – violin, electronics, voice; Walter Wright – amplified drum kit with Emilie Mouchous – DIY analog synthesizer.

Matt Lee arrived late, in time for our set. Too bad I didn’t record, it was good. We will return soon to record with Emilie. We pack up and follow Matt to his new apt in East Montreal. Sat up late, hanging with Walter the bunny, chatting.

Wednesday August 20 Travel Day
Up late, breakfast with Matt at Ma-Am-M Bolduc. We’re off by 12noon, south over the Jacque-Cartier Bridge, Rte 20 to Rte 30 to Rte 10 looping around Longueuil. Rte 10 east to Sherbrooke. Sherbrooke to the border at Coburn-Gore. Again we are waved through. From the Cantons de l’Est to Maine’s Lakes & Mountain Region. We stop in Carrabassett for dinner. Four-wheel drives in the parking lot, stuffed moose on the wall, 80’s classic rock on the jukebox.

Skowhegan for the night, comfy motel, hot shower, early to bed.

Thursday August 21 My nephew Paul’s, Fredericton NB
Up early, breakfast at “You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant, except Alice!”

Skowhegan east to Bangor to Interstate 95 north. Exit 227 to Lincoln we continue east on Rte 6 through the wilderness of Northern Maine. Small towns every twenty miles or so consisting of a few houses, double-wides, a store, trucks, and country music on the radio. We cross the border at Vanceboro into New Brunswick. An hour later we are in Fredericton.

My nephew Paul’s house is across the street from the university. Paul, Karen, Maisie, Seamus, and Mally moved in a month or so ago. Getting settled, we will be the entertainment for tonite’s “get to know your neighbours’ party.

Stephanie takes off in the car to pick up her friend Dylan who’s working on a farm in St Stephens. I hang out with Paul, string outdoor lights, set up tables, chairs and our equipment. Looking good, guests start arriving 7:30pm, we play at 8:30pm -

Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – violin, electronics, voice; Walter Wright – electronics, amplified drum
Kid’s jam with Maisie, Seamus, and all their new friends. Includes a short violin solo be one of Paul’s new neighbours.

The guests are not familiar with free improvisation. However, being academics, they express interest and ask a lot of questions after the show. Guests head home around around 10:00pm, we hang in the living room with Paul, Karen, and Dylan. The house is huge, lots of room for Paul’s family. New washer, new dryer, new floors, and next year a new roof.

Friday August 22 Frantasia, Livermore Falls ME
Up early 7am, we have toast and peanut butter, loadup. Off to St Stephens. We drop Dylan off at the farm in time for work, then get waved though the border at Calais. We stop for breakfast and gas, a restaurant full of chubby dwarves. We continue on Rte 9 back through the wilderness of northern Maine. It’s quite beautiful; pine forest, mountains and lakes.

At Bangor we pick up Interstate 95 south to Augusta where we pick up Rte 17 to Livermore Falls. We arrive at Fran Szostek’s house around 3:00pm. Steph catches a ride to the lake. I stay and chat, eat a late lunch. Marc Bisson, Michael F Dailey Jr, and Mike Fun will represent BiRdOrGaN this year. i’d m theftable is in the house along with flandrew fleisenberg, Loren Groenendaal, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Jenifer Gelineau, Robo Rob, and Lauren Tosswill. Big Plastic Finger is here; Bonnie Kane, Scott Prato, Mark McClemens, and Steve. Cranky the Clown School Dropout arrives from an afternoon playing in the Livermore Falls Gazebo. Andrea Pensado is helping Kathleen Szostek in the kitchen. Jenifer Gelineau, Ben Hersey, Jonas Behrs, Matt Luczac, the Schumacher’s and half-a-dozen of Fran’s relatives are hanging out on the porch. Several people with children are constructing a teepee ’round the side of house.

Here’s the published lineup for the evening -

Mia Zabelka
Nick Dentico
Layne Garrett
Big Plastic Finger
Stanley Schumacher
Lori Trembley
i’d m theftable
Tommy Szostek+3
Ben Hersey
Curt MacDonald
flandrew & Loren
Marc Bisson
Jonas Behrs
Bats From Pogo
Anima Projection

I played with, listings and sound files, I remembered to record -

BopAnts: Marc Bisson – guitar; Stephanie Marie Germaine – voice, stylophone, electronics;
Walter Wright – BoardWeevil, contact mics
Here’s our set.
Bats From Pogo: Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop; Walter Wright – electronics with Jenifer Gelineau – violin; Stephanie Marie Germaine – voice, stylophone, electronics
Here’s our set.

Y and Mary Ann arrived in time for our second set, as Bats From Pogo.

Frantasia has been at the Treat Library, Murphy Hall, and in The Paper Mill basement. This year we are at Stylz Fitness, also a basement. Two large rooms a regular meeting room next to a dance studio. This allows for acts to set up alternately, speeding things along. Nonetheless, we finish up at 1am, head back to Fran’s house. Mary Ann and I head upstairs to our attic aerie at 3am.

Saturday August 23 Frantasia, Livermore Falls ME

Painting #1990

August 22, 2014

painting #1990

Painting #1989

August 21, 2014

painting #1989

Painting #1988

August 20, 2014

painting #1988

Painting #1987

August 19, 2014

painting #1987


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